Merge Dragons Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

The land has been ravaged by evil demons. Skeletons have turned the once-lush land into a wasteland of death, poor fields, and sad plants. You are a lone dragon tamer, asked by a dragon to revive the land. By merging different flora and dragon eggs together, you must cleanse the land and create plentiful flowers that will heal the acres of plains, as well as raise a beautiful grove on your own. Welcome to Merge Dragons, where upgrading is the spice of life and the key to defeating the enemy zombies and skeletons!

Merge Dragons is a simple puzzle game where mixing and matching three of a kind opens up more of the world, and allows you to heal the lands. With simple puzzles and engaging gameplay, work your way through each zone, and solving the puzzles in your own exclusive way. Since Merge Dragons has multiple ways to reach the same end point, there is no real way to beat each level. But there are ways to optimize the speed you take, as well as how you build up your grove. To help you out, here are some helpful tips and tricks that will keep you going fast and furious, and help you build your grove to the top of the world.

Merge Dragons Tips and Strategy Guide

To start, there are two different areas: your personal Grove and the regular Campaign. We’ll talk about the Campaign missions first. The campaign missions are simple story missions that you must complete to gain further options in healing the land. In each Campaign, it is essential that you merge the three statues of the goddess, which are generally scattered in deadlands. But, you can’t pull from a dead land space unless you heal the land. To heal them, you must merge different items to create Healing Flowers which give you hearts that will slowly heal the land. As you can do whatever you’d like and slowly heal the lands, these tips are not concrete. But, they will help you complete the levels at the fastest speed.

  1. Merging each plant creates more room. Merging ensures that you will have more room to work with. As you progress through the game, you will constantly have more items drop in on your field of play, so having more space ensures that you can collect those items to use to merge.
  2. Make sure to check the dead spaces for merging. Each dead space will usually have an item to use to merge. Instead of waiting for the dead space to be healed, you can merge an item with an item in the dead space to heal it automatically. This speeds up the healing process and opens the map much quicker, so that you can get the highest score available.
  3. Only do the optimal merges. As I stated before, you will gain extra drops as you progress through the higher difficulty levels. But, sometimes you’ll have too many items that will clutter up your field of play. Because of this, you can get rid of items that hinder your progress and your merging, so that you don’t have to worry about the extra items. Since, during missions, you don’t get to keep any items, there’s no point making wasteful merges that just eat up your time.
  4. Combine the statues as fast as possible. As soon as the statues are available to be used, merge them. This will end the mission and open the next area, which will grant you more rewards. Don’t worry about the stars, as they don’t really serve a purpose except to show off a bit. Instead, finishing the stages as fast as possible will grant you more items for your grove.

Now that we’ve gone over the campaign missions, let’s talk about the Grove. The Grove is your personal area where you can raise and train dragons, as well as expand your land to have more space to work with. There is no limit, but it takes more to heal the land, so you’ll have to have multiple plants up and running, as well as multiple dragons to farm the plants. As such, here are some tips to keep your grove up and running, and how to expand quickly.

  1. Make sure you have equal number of roosts as to dragons. Roosts grant your dragons a place to rest. The higher the level of roost, the faster they regain energy. Dragons require energy to be able to harvest your healing flowers, so ensuring that they have a place to rest as you go along means that they can gather more flowers for you while you’re gone and the like.
  2. Combine your hearts to create greater hearts. Each heart that drops heals a specific amount. That is already known. But, as you merge hearts, they gain an extra value. Although it is small, if you continue to combine them, they will heal exponentially faster and in a wider area.
  3. Always pop items from missions. Each mission you complete will grant you a few extra items. These items are sent directly to your grove, and popping them can give you multiple different facets. But, if you leave them alone for too long, you end up losing those rewards. So, always pop the rewards to gain more advantages.
  4. Try to stack everything neatly. As this grove is not going to be deleted after finishing a mission, making sure to make everything easily understandable is good. Stack flowers together so that you know which need to be merged and which are good. This also condenses space so that you know what needs to be fixed next.

These are just a few tips and tricks to make sure you get off on the right foot during your time in Merge Dragons. Use these as you will, but remember, this game is formless except for the end goal. Go at your own pace, or rush. It is all up to you. Good luck, and happy merging!

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