MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 Guide, Tips and Cheats

MLB Tap Sports Baseball places you in the driver’s seat of your favorite Major League Baseball team. Choose from any pro-league team, and get ready to pave your way to a title career. Along the way, you’ll have multiple chances to gather a team full of all-stars, or to cultivate your prodigies that may bring about fame and fortune. As there are hundreds of routes you can go through, I will help you focus into the right paths to play your own way, and to win playoffs and rank up.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 Guide

To start out, we’ll talk about gameplay. As the game play itself is actually quite small, it’ll be condensed. You only get to do batting, while all pitching is done by an AI. During a match, you have two choices: let the inning auto-play, or play the inning out yourself. You can do either and still gain the rewards, but playing the inning out gives you a higher chance to gain hits and runs, if your hand-eye coordination is on point.

If you decide to play it out, you’ll have multiple choices to choose from. If you do not have any other runners on base, you will have a choice to just bat as usual, or switch out to a pinch hitter. Pinch hitter option is only allowed after a few innings have passed, and only serve to switch out the original hitter if they are running low on stamina. If you have members on base, you’ll sometimes have choices to steal a base, bunt to advance a runner, or just swing as usual. Stealing a base will help you out in gaining another base, but be careful, as it can be called out quite easily. The stat that lets you see if your runner will make it is the speed stat. Currently, a player with speed between 35+ will be allowed to possibly steal a base, but if you do 35-60, there is a fair chance they will fail. I generally only do 65+ speed to steal a base, and even then, it’s iffy. Bunting offers you significantly less problems with deciding if it’s worth it, but bunting will offer the possibility of getting double-played, as your hitter and base runner will both be caught if the bunt goes wrong. But, stealing a base is way more entertaining, and will usually work, so going for the base steal is a great choice. If you decide not to do either of those choices, you can just hit, and take your chances.

The last choice in a match that you will have is to switch out pitchers. After around 4-5 innings, your pitcher will start to tire if they’ve thrown too many pitches. You will have back up pitchers, but you can choose to either keep using your original pitcher, or switch him out. Later on, you can upgrade your players, but usually it is best to just switch them out to avoid burn out.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 Tips and Cheats

Do not use boosts. Using boosts is very expensive, as it usually takes a good amount of money, or gold. These are only one time boosts, and can not be used later on as well. So, save up your money and gold, so you can use it later on on upgrades, draft picks, and other such useful items. Think long-term, not short-term.


Now that you’ve been sped up on in game chances, let’s move on to the real challenge: what to upgrade. With upgrading, there are two to three general options: hire new prospects, upgrade your training, or upgrade your players. The highest priority upgrading area is the training, as that has long term benefits. In the training portion, you get to choose if you’d rather bolster your pitching, infield, outfield, or batters. In terms of what is best to upgrade first, that is up to you. If you are feeling bold, upgrading your batters will take you into a head to head fight, as you will end up battling to see who can gain the most points, since your pitching and outfield will end up taking a hit. If you do decide to upgrade your outfield, infield, and pitching, you will solidify your defense, while suffering a bit at batting. But, since you are not able to control pitching, upgrading pitching will give you much greater benefits through AI use.

Upgrading players is a bit more risky. As you play the game, you will slowly accrue better players, leaving you with unused players. Upgrading players will come in handy later on, but early into the game, it is useless since you’ll end up trading out most of those players anyway. If you have useless players wandering around, you can trade them in to gain experience, which you can later on use to upgrade your higher tier players. To re-iterate, upgrade your training early, mid, and late game, and upgrade your players late game. This ensures you aren’t wasting resources.

You can get new prospects and players through the store area, but it is quite expensive. I leave this on the lower end of the list because you get draft picks as you play the game, so it is quite unwise to use your hard-earned money on getting the draft picks. Accruing gold is much better, since they can be used to gain first and second round draft picks. So, saving up all your gold and not spending them on useless boosts for one game will help you in the long run.

New players that come onto your team will automatically be put into positions, depending if they are better than your original player. Make sure to constantly check back on your team so you can check to see if you need to replace anyone and send the replaced to be ground into experience.

These are just a few tips and tricks to get you along in your MLB career. Take control, play your best, and win your way to the top. See you on the fields!


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