MONOPOLY Towns Wiki Guide, Tips & Tricks

You have been given the opportunity to be the mayor of a small up and coming town, thanks to the monopoly man, who you only thought was a myth. He has granted you some land, so you must learn to build up the area, and develop a thriving economy. You must make use of just about everything, from logging trees, to collecting from different stores and homes. Entice people to your houses and suburban landmarks, and show off your town to other mayors. Grow your relationships, and learn to build bridges that will last a lifetime. This is monopoly towns, where you make the calls.

Monopoly Towns is a simple real-time game where you play the mayor of a town, and must learn to properly manage the growth of the town. Expanding, upgrading, and pushing for changes are all a part of the charm, as you look to create the best town possible for everyone to live in. You must start from nothing, and create a wondrous area to live in, while keeping everyone happy. Along the way, there are some tips and tricks that will be necessary if you want to ensure that your town grows quickly and in the right direction. Here are just a few of these.

MONOPOLY Towns Guide – Building & Upgrading Strategy

To start, let’s identify what the primary parts of the game are. There are two different areas: aesthetics, and the game play. Both are very important in their own ways, as both can influence each other. To start, let’s go over the game play, and how you are able to sustain your town.

You must make sure you keep track of multiple things. To start, the currency you use is simply money, or coins. You can earn coins in a myriad of different ways, such as selling stuff you have created, as well as farming materials from stores, and the like. Each of these areas can be upgraded, but it will cost a certain price, as well as a certain amount of resources. Upgrading these buildings will give you extra income, but only at a certain percentage.

Different buildings can also benefit each other. Certain buildings form combos, as they compliment each other. These combos can impact the amount of money earned, or how fast the resources are created. Messing around with the combinations is best, since there is no best combo. But, combos can be stacked, meaning that you can have multiple combos on a single structure, and get extra effects.

There are multiple ways to make money, as stated above. One is to continuously farm the stores that produce money for you. Another is to plant fields, and farm the resources from those, and then sell said resources. Both require some effort, although planting is a bit difficult. This is because you must make sure you actually water the crops as well when you do this, as they require water, after all. If you are able to keep up with these things, then it will be a piece of cake.

Finally, make sure to upgrade all of your buildings at the same rate. As we discussed before, upgrading can be a serious help when needing more resources and money. But, upgrading too quickly can cause multiple issues. As such, ensure that you are upgrading all of your buildings at an equal rate. This means that everything is on an even level, and that none of the buildings will be too far below the others, resulting in the resources all being evenly distributed, so you will never run short, and be waiting on a certain resource. For example, you won’t ever run out of iron bars to upgrade buildings with, as you will always have everything at the same level, which ensures that you they all will not require exorbitant amounts of resources.

Next, lets talk about the different aesthetic benefits. This primarily affects two things: space, and looks. Spacing is a big thing with Monopoly Towns, as you will need more and more as you build. Although you can always purchase more land, making use of what you already have helps to cut down on costs.

To start, with spacing, don’t leave any single squares. All buildings take up a certain amount of slots, sometimes 4×4 slots, or 5×5 slots. It depends on what the building is, but the size never truly changes. But, make sure not to leave any open single slots, or else they will add up, meaning that there will soon be enough solo slots where you could have placed another building. As such, make sure to keep the single squares to a minimum, and ensure that you will get the most out of the spaces.

Next is the looks. Make sure to keep your town looking great, so that it can impress other mayors and players. As you progress through the game, you can slowly make friends and relationships with other players, which will help you gain money and resources much faster. These friends can help you farm resources, and keep up with your buildings, so that you won’t have to all the time. As such, making sure you make your city look great will help to keep people around.

These are just a few of the tips and strategies that can help you keep your town up and running. Although there is no one way to play the game, these are some of the fastest ways to make it all work best. First off, ensuring that you get a steady flow of money and resources is important, as they are necessary to constantly upgrade your buildings and workshops. Making sure to combo buildings together will help to push forward the advancement of your town as they give percentage boosts to different areas, as well as speed increases in farming of the resources. Ensure that your city makes use of all of the squares for building, so that you don’t have to constantly buy new zones. These are just a few of the tips and tricks to help you boost the economy in your city. Good luck, and happy building!

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