My Tamagotchi Forever Guide, Tips & Cheats

Something seems to be buzzing on your phone. You usually don’t receive texts or calls this late into the evening, so this is a bit different for you. Intrigued, you open up your phone to find that a little friend has found his way into your phone. It’s a little monster, who you must take care of in every possible sense and manner, in hopes that he will continue to live for a long time. Giving him a home and place to stay becomes your top priority. Welcome to My Tamagotchi Forever, where caring is important.

My Tamagotchi is a fairly simple real-time game. You are given a small creature to take care of as you wander through the universe and are supposed to make sure they grow up healthy and happy. With this in mind, you are given the basic tools you will need to keep them healthy and happy. But, there will be a lot of work that needs to be done if you wish to make your tamagotchis happy and forever pleased. As such, there are always a few tips and tricks that can help you move through the stages of setting up your Tamagotchi village.

Starting Out

When you first start out, it is important to note how to take care of your Tamagotchi. When you first open up your house, you will be taken around by a funny-looking character to all of the different areas. It is just like a regular house, with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and playroom. Each one serves a different purpose: Taking care of all of the primal needs of the Tamagotchi. Each one must be balanced properly if you want to ensure that you keep them alive and well.

To ensure that you keep them healthy and happy, the best way to keep track of their motives and all is to feed them properly and play with them. Feeding is the most common and difficult section to work on. This is because you get to choose from multiple different food sources to work with. Each one brings different properties, but don’t explicitly state what they do. For instance, eating healthy foods will make the hunger bar last longer when full, whereas cakes and other items will fill up fast, but they will make the food bar go down quicker.

The next most important part is the games being played. These are used to exercise your Tamagotchi. There are quite a few different games that you are able to play, ranging from a mix-up of musical beats to planet flying bounce-castle. Each of these seem to bring different benefits, but they all do pretty much the same thing: make your Tamagotchi happy, and earn you coins. Unlike what the game would have you believe, each game gives the same happiness level. As such, it is much more useful to just find one game that you are good at, and keep doing that one over and over, as it matters more about how long you are able to keep playing the game, and not as much how well you do.

Lastly is sleeping and cleaning. Cleaning up is fairly easy. When the gauge gets low, your Tamagotchi will not be able to do anything else. It will seem like they do not want to play any other games, or do anything else, as they need to use the restroom. They will need one of two things: using the toilet, or bathing. Bathing can be done when your Tamagotchi gets dirty, represented by dust and brown spots on them as they play. For this, you just need to place them in the bathtub, and wash them with soap. Once you do that, you will be able to wash them off easily with water and the showerhead. With going to the bathroom, simply put them on the toilet, and let them do their thing.

Building up the rest of the world

The other part of the game is to finish up quests. This can be done by following exact events and instances that the pets want. Some of these are simple, but they all do relatively the same thing: Take a picture of your Tamagotchi doing a certain task. This can be jumping on the trampoline, to kicking a soccer ball. Each of these will net you some extra coins to buy and upgrade different parts of the house or area.

There is no set rule to how they must be created. Instead, they go quite simply. You can pick and choose which one to lay down first, but in the end, you will need all of them somewhere. So, pick the one that is cheapest usually, and place it down. Once done, make sure you have the proper Tamagotchi for the picture, and snap away. Do this for each one, and focus on finishing it all up to open up more areas.

You will be able to level up as you play. As you level up, more items and toys will be available to you. With each level, the tasks assigned to you will grow, and become a bit harder each time. As such, make sure you always have a good stash of gold on you just in case a big tasks comes your way. This does not mean you will never be able to buy it after you have been given one chance, but it will be harder if you keep spending on random items. Keep the tasks in mind first, then focus on others.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks to ensure that you are able to raise and train the best Tamagotchi available to you. They will be awesome pets, and shower you with lots of love and care, as long as you properly take care of them. Don’t neglect them, and give them exactly what they ask for, and ensure that you grow each of them into fine adults. Good luck, and happy Raising

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