Oceans and Empires Guide, Tips and Strategies

Oceans & Empires places you in the glory days of pirates. In the time where the empire is looking to gain control of the seas, bands of pirate colonies have started to spring up, yours included. To overthrow the empire, to live life without rules or restrictions, to create armadas rivaling the empire’s army, that is your mission. To kill fearsome sea monsters, plunder farms, and destroy your enemies, making light work of other islands, is the objective. But, starting out on the wrong foot can easily set you behind and make you small and puny in comparison. Here are some trick and tips to make sure you are the most fearsome pirate on the seven seas.

Oceans and Empires Guide

Oceans and Empires is a real-time strategy game. This means that, even when you aren’t playing, the game still continues to run. Because of this, upgrading buildings, researching, producing items, etc., all need to be planned out accordingly. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you keep up and don’t fall behind.

  1. Don’t rank up your castle until you upgrade every building possible. If you upgrade too fast, your island may be targeted for resource plundering. If you do not upgrade your walls, resource tiers, port, etc., you will end up with a significantly weakened force when you go into battle. Upgrading all your buildings alongside your castle ensures that you will always have the necessary means to combat anyone that tries to attack you.
  2. Always be producing troops to compensate for possible losses. Having a plethora of reserve troops ensures that, if you lose a good portion of your troops, you don’t have to wait to heal them all up. Having double the amount of troops as you would need to fill your ships makes sure that you can always restock your ships to the max so you can always have your ships out and attacking as you please.
  3. Make sure to keep producing equipment for yourself to power your troops up. At castle level 7, you can start producing personal equipment for your captain. These items give you minor percentage boosts to any of the selected stats, such as your ship’s firepower or reducing the enemies defensive stats. Constantly producing equipment not only ensures that you will always have gear on you, but it will also ensure that you are trying to gain a higher tier equipment from smithing and creating gear, giving you more chances to have the next ranked tier equipment for yourself, which offers higher bonuses.
  4. Collect for your resource deposits as often as possible. As your resources need to be harvested from each time they fill up, you must actively be collecting from them. If they fill up and you do not empty them into storage, that is time wasted where your resource depots could be producing resources. Making sure to empty them constantly means that your island won’t really have any downtime when collecting those resources, granting you a steady supply of resources to upgrade, research, and produce.
  5. Shorter researches during the day while you are able to check your game, longer research at night. Researching is a key component of this game, as it allows you to greatly increase the firepower of your ships, troops, or the defenses of your island. But, as you gain more levels and begin expanding down the branches of researching, the amount of time it takes for each one becomes longer and longer. To make sure there isn’t dead time between each research action, only do super long researching at night, or when you are sure you won’t be able to check up on your island for a while. This way, you won’t be waiting around for the research to finish as you are playing the game. For instance, around level 5 you start researching heavily. Do the 10-30 minute researches during the day, while you’re awake, and save the 3-4 hour researches for at night, when you are asleep. This way, the game is constantly being used to its utmost effectiveness.

Oceans and Empires Tips & Strategy

Now that we’ve talked about the in-island upgrades and the like, let’s talk about fighting. In Oceans and Empires, there are three different divisions of battle. First is the ship battle. This is where your ships are pitted against each other to take turns firing cannon barrages. After that, comes the boarding battle, where your troops on each ship are pitted against each other. The third division only happens when raiding empire or other pirates’ islands, where you bombard the enemy gates. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you come out on top on all your battles.

  1. Balance your troops onboard between ranged and melee. The amount of troops you can hold on each of your ships varies from class to class. But, as all melee boarding fights go, make sure to balance out your ranged fighters with your melee fighters. This ensures that you have the best of both sides, and your melees won’t get completely wiped by the enemy’s ranged, or vice versa.
  2. Focus on upgrading your ships artillery stats. Each ship that you craft can be individually upgraded to have better stats. For instance, your ships can be upgraded to give an extra percentage boost to bombarding, or shooting at other ships. Make sure to focus on upgrading the damage output of your ships, as well as the durability or “health” of your tank class vessel. In this game, you can win more by simply out-damaging your opponent than trying to finesse your way around each battle.
  3. Make sure to have a healthy balance between types of ships. As you progress in the game, you’ll come across multiple classes of ships. Some are specialized for collecting and farming resources, and others are suited for combat. Always make sure you have a tank vessel and dps vessel. This ensures that your sea battles will not have your smaller, more squishy ships be constantly bombarded by attacks, as tank class vessels will always be targeted first in sea battles.
  4. Scout before you attack so that you can survive with more troops. Scouting out your enemy will give you much needed information on how to approach a fight. This mostly influences what troops you send on your ships, as you can scout to see what troops they have stationed on their ships, as well as the class of ships, meaning you get full information to counter as you wish. Scouting can save you in the long run, as sending in a platoon full of collection vessels with low damage against an armored up destroyer class vessels usually ends with sunken ships.

Those are just a few of the tips and tricks to get you started. They can be applied to later moments as well, so keep them close to you. As always, though, you can play however you’d like. If you feel like barrel-rushing straight to max level, so be it. It is all up to you, as the captain of your own island. Good luck, and happy plundering!

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