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My Tamagotchi Forever Guide, Tips & Cheats

My Tamagotchi Forever Guide, Tips & Cheats

Something seems to be buzzing on your phone. You usually don’t receive texts or calls this late into the evening, so this is a bit different for you. Intrigued, you open up your phone to find that a little friend has found his way into […]

Dash Quest Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

Dash Quest Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

You wake up one day to find your town under attack. You are forced awake by the noise, and can’t go back to sleep. It seems like the resident hero is out of commission, so it is up to you to figure out how you […]

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide, Tips and Tricks

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide, Tips and Tricks

You finally received it. Your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived on the eve of your 11th birthday. You’ve been waiting for this, ever since you learned of your brother’s exploits and what he has done to harm your family’s reputation. You’ve lived under the scrutinizing gaze of the magical society for so long, and now it’s your turn to prove that you aren’t like your brother, and that the magical society should fear and revere you. There have also been strange things going on inside of Hogwarts, so it is up to you to figure out what the mysteries are. Welcome to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, where you create your prophecy.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a simple RPG. Having received your letter from Hogwarts, you plan to go there for all of your magical training. You will learn a plethora of enjoyable skills, such as broomstick riding, making different potions, and how to cast a multitude of spells. You will need to learn how to defend yourself, as well as pluck up the courage to stand up for yourself and weave your own story. Although it may seem straightforward, the game itself doesn’t make it too easy. As such, there are always little things that can be done to speed up the learning process. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you learn how to become the best wizard at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide

To start with, the game controls like a simple point and click game. You click around to various locations, as well as click to collect and pick up different items and collectibles. These collectables will allow you to gain growth and knowledge, and help you prove yourself.

When you get past the tutorial, you will be able to select a house. I bring this up, as this does not really influence the game too much, and shouldn’t be worried about as such. Instead, it is simply how you will interact with others throughout the game. Each player will be able to select one of the houses, as any student will get to in Hogwarts. What the people do at Hogwarts will either increase their house points, or decrease them. As such, consider your actions carefully.

You will also learn how to draw different spells. It will be quite easy early on, but later on in the game, you will have to be able to do it consistently and quickly, as there will be such things as duels, in which the one that casts the fastest will be the winner. As such, remember spells quickly.

Tips #1: Leveling Quickly

As you go through the game, you will run into different scenarios that will help your progress, as well as find different hidden items. Each of these will help you level up, and gain access to new areas of Hogwarts. The main way you level is through three different stats: Empathy, Knowledge, and Courage. Each one needs a certain of amount of points to rank up.

All of them do not directly affect your game, per se. Instead, they allow you to choose a wide range of different answers when put in front of different characters and discussion systems. For instance, when you are being asked questions in class, you can either answer with a basic question, or, if you have the knowledge for it, you can give a more in-depth answer, and possibly gain the favor of a teacher. This favor will generally correlate with increases in house points, so it is in your favor to pick the right responses.

You can try to spec into one of them, as it will help you later on. Different scenarios require different things. When dealing with bullies, you will need courage. In classes, you will need knowledge. As such, play to what you like best, and make sure to make it work.

The best way to speed this up is to correctly finish off every scenario quickly. Clicking on the right things, and making sure to get the most out of your energy is important. As you are limited on energy, you must time it right, and make sure to keep a timer of how long it will be until you are full again. Never let your energy be full, as that will mean that the game is not stacking any more energy for you, and that will be time wasted within the game.

Tips #2: Choose your Time Wisely

The most important thing to remember is to only pick scenarios that fit into your time frame. Each scenario has a limited time that it can be completed, ranging from 1 hour to 8 hours, or even more, depending on the scenario at hand. This can be things like taking a class, getting out of a dire situation, or hanging out with a friend. As such, only do a scenario when you know you will have enough time. If you don’t time this out right, you will end up failing the scenario, and lose out on experience, and possibly lose out on house points as well.

One thing to attempt to do is time your level ups with your energy respawns. As you go through, you will sometimes gain a full amount of energy, which is important. If you can time these in a scenario run, you will be able to speed up the grind, and end the scenario quickly without wasting a lot of time, thus allowing you to enter another scenario quicker. Although this is extremely difficult to do, it will be well worth it in the end.

These are just the basics as to how to get better quickly. There are plenty more of these little tips and tricks, such as always going to meet up with friends, and having them help you duel, but in essence, these will get you responses quicker, and make sure you are stronger than anyone else you’ll ever face. Good luck, and happy Magicing at Hogwarts!

Swords & Glory Tips, Best Perks, Unlockables Guide

Swords & Glory Tips, Best Perks, Unlockables Guide

Life passes in the blink of an eye. Especially those grounded in mire, fighting, and angry metal clashing. You grew up only knowing how to be strong. Knowing that the only way to survive is to fight. There is no other option, as strength equals […]

Sdorica Sunset Guide, Best Team, Character Tier List

Sdorica Sunset Guide, Best Team, Character Tier List

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Idle World Tips, Wiki, Strategy Guide

Idle World Tips, Wiki, Strategy Guide

You know not where you came from, or whence you came. You don’t know much, except that you have a few resources, and must make do. You must first build up your resources, and create new worlds with those same resources, and continue to expand. For what reason, you do not know. It seems eccentric, but you are dedicated. You get started, piece by piece, little by little. There is almost no problem, but it is painstaking. But you know that, in the end, it will all be worth it. Welcome to Idle World, where every second counts.

Idle World is a very simple game. You are tasked with building a new world, universe, and beyond using pretty much the bare bones basics. And when I say bare bones, I mean subatomic level bare bones. You will have pretty much nothing except a few atoms to work with at the start, which can be extremely difficult. But, as you give it more time and more effort, your patience will pay off, as you get to start handling quite large masses of matter and energy. There are a few tricks and tips though to help out your journey. As such, let’s go over them.

Basics Game Tips

To start, let’s talk about the basic mechanics. You start with just the bare bones. You have multiple different parts of atoms that you can buy, starting at the quantum level. These are such things as string, quantum foam, and other small elemental components. These are your basic components to start with. You will be able to expand on them later, but for now, that is mostly what you need.

You will have the chance to also build and combine elements to create even better components to use later on. They will also allow you to upgrade your resource bank faster and faster. In the end, you will be able to even build up worlds.

The main thing that keeps things going is the fact that you will constantly earn resources per second, even if you aren’t logged into the application. This means that you will constantly have some form of income to be able to use for the next time that you log in.

Where to Start

The best way to start is to get at least 10 to 20 points into each of the beginning tier resources. This is because they each give a decent amount of income, so raising them all will allow you to farm faster without expending too much at the beginning. You should go for at least the first 5 available, and then stop for a bit. Making sure you have a base amount of income is proper.

From there, make sure to constantly compare the pricing for each, and how much you get in return. You want to make sure they each will hold at least 20-30 after each upgrade, thus ensuring your supply of resources is good to go.

Continue upgrading as you go, but primarily upgrade the larger ones that produce over 1.000 resource amounts per second. That, or make sure all of your other ones are already at 1,000 per second, so as to ensure a larger supply of resources early on.

Combinations and Upgrades Guide

Once you start getting decent with the scaling of the regular elements, the next step is to start opening up the barriers for new growth in the world. To do that, you must go to the hammer icon, and start researching. Each research has a certain type of element that must be satisfied to be able to unlock the new element. For instance, one research project involves quantum foam, 10 to be exact. So, go back to your elements table, and look at quantum foam, and buy it all up.

Only buy what is necessary with that one, as it is better to just upgrade to the bare minimum to unlock a new element, as this will allow you to keep track of what is needed, and what is not. You do not have to constantly upgrade past, as that would be more of a waste than anything else.

Remember, don’t spend too much unless you fully have to buy more just to get the next element. Once you do that, always check to see what else can be bought and upgraded.

Watch an ad or two

If you know that you will be gone and away from the phone for a decent amount of time, and will be having a large amount of excess when you log back on, watch a short video to double your income of resources. The reason for this, is that an add will double your yield while you were away or asleep. With that in mind, 30 seconds to save yourself a few more hours of waiting seems like a win-win situation.

Keep building

Remember, this is not a competition. Starting at your own slow space, it will help to push forward the idea of advancement. The more you advance, the better. As you grow, you will constantly add new members, such as breathing animals. Never stop short of these, though, and continue on to see what the advantage of space is. As you invest more, it will yield amazing results.

Idle World is a simple game, with easy functions to understand. You start with the base building blocks, and must buy and pass the time to let it accrue. Once accrued, you must focus and keep track of all needy book needs, where you see how to create the new element or component. Always make sure all of your stuff is clicking together, and ready to produce more input. Try not to go too aggressive with the buying, though, and only buy what you need to continue you work, so that you can continue to research and prop up new elements or organisms. From there, you must push to keep everything moving along and show the world what we can do. Good luck, and happy creating!

The X-Files Deep State Guide, Game Tips, Walkthrough

The X-Files Deep State Guide, Game Tips, Walkthrough

You are an up and coming rookie in the police divisions. You are tasked with taking on the not so fun cases that tend to pop up every so often. It’s unappealing work, but you are aiming for greater heights than just the menial tasks […]

World Zombie Contest Guide, Zombie List Wiki

World Zombie Contest Guide, Zombie List Wiki

In a world where safety is mostly assured, there is one mad genius that wishes for recognition. That person is you, a mad scientist that has only ever been laughed at and ridiculed. Tired of the hate against you, as well as laughter from your […]

Hero Hunters Guide – Best Team & Tier List

Hero Hunters Guide – Best Team & Tier List

The city is in ruins. Anarchy has broken out, and people are scrambling for safety. Enemies are pouring from every single tunnel and avenue available, looking to collect some resources to use on the war against authorities. With so little just remaining, a small plucky band of survivors and soldiers band together to fight against them. Using their unique training and skills, they must learn to work in a cohesive unit to disassemble the enemies and reclaim the city. Welcome to Hero Hunters, where shooting is second nature.

Hero Hunters is your average shooter game sprinkled in with some RPG elements. You command a team of rag-tag soldiers made up of old friends and uncommon allies, and must battle against the evildoers that plan to overrun the world with evil. Using tactics, power, and damage from skills, you must create the ultimate team. Different team members synergize differently, meaning combinations create different perks that can be used. But, let’s go over some of the tips and tricks, and then work on what characters you should keep and use when going to war.

In game action

The first thing we will cover are the in game controls. If you plan to fight, you have to learn to shoot. Different characters have different weapons, so aiming them can be tricky. But, all of the controls are equal.

To move your camera, just drag anywhere on the screen into a given direction. Place your reticule on the enemy as you move it around. You will have a few buttons on the right-hand side of your screen that control the output of your attacks, as well as activate the special skills. Combining different skills is very important when it comes to building a balanced team.

The first tip for in-game play is to always focus on the weakest target. Generally, it should go: Healer, DPS, and then Tank, in terms of who is being attacked and who should be defeated first. This is due to healers being able to keep the dps and tank healthy if it comes to that. Therefore, make sure to defeat the healer first, and then the rest.

Headshots will always be more effective when in combat. When hitting a headshot, you can generally get an extra 1.5 damage down on an opponent. In high stress situations, this can be the difference between breaking open the front line, or having your ranks broken from within.

Lastly, always keep track of what is going on around you. As you move from place to place, your cover can get blown apart, and you can get attacked by lobbed bombs and grenades. Keeping track of what is going on and making sure that there are no random bombs headed your way as you move from cover negates a lot of damage that is sent your way. It also means you won’t get caught out at random times by a stray attack, and get staggered for an open shot.

Out of Game Components and Tips

Outside of combat, there are essential things that must be done in order to completely power up and win against your opponents. Each character that you collect is able to be upgraded to a certain extent. As you upgrade through the ranks, the characters abilities are upgraded. At the same time, new skills and techniques are unlocked. For instance, for your tank, you will generally have an aggro skill that you can pick up that lets you pull the attention of all the enemies. But, you can also gain extra powers for those things. For instance, as you level up your tank, it may gain the ability to pull aggro for a much longer period, or that the tank can gain an extra damage buff to help protect itself from damage. As such, it is important to constantly upgrade and train your heroes.

In terms of upgrading different components, it is best to focus on the dps first, then the healer, and then the tank. The reason for this is because this is still a shooter, and not a complete fighter game. As such, a tank isn’t completely necessary, as long as you are able to out-dps the opponent.

The best way to do this is to constantly grind out the lower levels of zones. Each zone gives you different items to put into your characters. As such, constantly redoing them allows you to store up the necessary items to upgrade at a fast pace. You can also do an auto-pathing through the zones, which will help you to complete them all without having to lift a finger.

The best option for all of this is to always upgrade to the fullest extent of what the level can allow. There is a ceiling for how much you can upgrade a character during the early stages. As such, always try to max them out as best as possible, so that you will always be at the peak condition for a fight. This is especially true against online opponents that are also being controlled by another opponent. Even if you constantly land the same shots as your opponent, it won’t mean much if your damage is lower. So, make sure to always upgrade to the furthest extent.

Make sure to always look for a good combination of warriors and fighters. The best is to always have 1 tank, 2 straight dps, and then one long-range sniper/healer. This way, it is always a well-rounded composition.

Combining it all

Remember, these are just a few rules and tips that can help you throughout the entirety of your war against the enemies. Rally enemies to your side, and upgrade them as you go. Ensuring that you constantly upgrade and power up your team will mean that you never run into trouble, no matter the opponent. Always be ready to steady your aim, and use the different skills and utility to combine to be a large powerhouse. Always try out new things, but find the best fit for the wars. Lastly, aim for the head, and never shoot below the waist. Good luck, and happy aiming!