PEACH BLOOD Guide – Tips and Tricks to Help You Eat Your Way to Victory

Unknown organisms are always an interesting scene. Some seem to be hyper-intelligent, and some seem to only have a few things on their mind. But, the primary functionality is always the same: the strong eat the weak, and the larger species tend to beat the smaller species of organisms. No matter what, one must be superior and fit in every way to survive. As you are a single organism, you must learn to survive by eating and destroying enemy organisms that are looking to survive on their own as well. Welcome to Peach Blood, where survival of the fittest is taken quite literally.

Peach Blood is a slightly misguiding title. The name doesn’t really seem to have any tie to the actual game except through color schemes. In this game, you control an organism that is only seen to have legs and a body, as well as a set of eyes. The whole goal of this organism is to consume as many smaller looking look-alike organisms as it can before getting consumed itself. You control this organism to the fullest extent, making it run away from enemies, and towards edible baddies. The more you eat, the better your score. Along the way, you’ll find magic edibles that allow you to grow extremely large, allowing you to consume anything and everything in your path. Although it is a somewhat straightforward game, there are a few things to keep in mind when playing. So, here are a few tips and tricks to help you eat your way to victory.

To start, let’s talk about how the game is played. Simply enough, you only have one control. The joystick is the main source of control, and you constantly move around the map. You have to constantly run around in circles and around the map to be able to gain enough edible enemies to grow. There are no other mechanics of the game, so mastering the running is a huge thing. A big thing to do is to always make large, sweeping runs around enemies. Larger enemies are also slower, meaning you have enough time to outrun them to an extent. Making sure to control them so that they do not get in your way later on down the road is essential, as they can possibly screw you up by boxing you into a corner. As such, always make sure you know the map terrain, and are sure that you can get away if the need arises.

PEACH BLOOD Guide (Powerups)

Next, let’s talk about different powerups. There are many different powerups and enemies that you can eat. From speed boosting mushrooms to little edible coins, all of these can be used. There are two types of mushrooms: speed and growth. In the growth category, the mushroom, when consumed, will allow you to grow to immense proportions. This allows you to consume just about any enemy that you will come across, meaning you can completely clear out any enemies that may have been circling you. It only lasts for a few moments, but is very effective in terms of an immunity item. But, make sure you don’t get it mixed up with the speed mushrooms. There are two types of speed mushrooms: slow and fast. The fast mushroom does just that: it speeds up your character to impossible speeds, and allows you to zoom around the map at a fast pace. The upside is this will keep you from possibly getting chased down. The downside is it is very hard to keep up with your character as he goes across the screen. With the pace you go, there is a very big possibility that you will end up running into an enemy by mistake. As such, this is a bit more perilous to use. The slow mushroom is even worse. If consumed, you slow down enough for enemies to catch you in a very unfortunate moment. It only lasts for a bit as well, but can still devastate a run.

Along with these are very simple edibles. These include small plants and animals, as well as coins. They do not do anything amazing, but do add to your score. The last edible that you can find are the ice blocks. These little dastardly enemies freeze you in place when you eat them, leaving you completely vulnerable to an attack from an enemy. As such, try to avoid these at any point, and do not get taken in from them.

With all of these plants, you want to be on the lookout for the big growth mushroom. This will allow you to rack up the necessary points that you will need in order to grow and consume other enemies. Every 10-20 points you will increase in size, allowing you to eat another enemy that is larger than your last prey. So, continue to consume enemies, and grow to all your strength.

There are a few enemies that are not consumable, but will completely screw you over. One such fellow is the talker. This talker won’t eat you, but will instead chase you around, talk your ear off, and ends up making you reduce in size. The problem with this is it does not stop at your original size. Instead, you can continue on to completely miniscule proportions. So, don’t get chased by this hasslesome enemy, and continue to chomp your way to victory.

Peach Blood is a very simple game in terms of gameplay and skill, but it can get difficult very quickly. With many different enemies that you need to get used to, it can be quite a challenge, which is why constant repetitive playing is necessary. Learning how to pursue smaller enemies and to dodge larger enemies is essential, and getting used to what enemies are edible and what aren’t is necessary for survival. Grabbing the proper mushrooms at the right time, as well as keeping the enemies at bay when trying to grab enemies at the start is difficult. It all comes down to timing which you can only learn from playing the game. So, good luck, and happy hunting!

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