PES Club Manager Tips, Best Tactics and Formation

Welcome to Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager, or PESCM for short. In this game, you are the manager of an up and coming soccer team, and must contract, manage, and upgrade your town, team, and club to become the best team in the world. Moving up divisions, scouting out new talent, training your players, and finding the perfect combination for a strategy is all at your disposal. With multiple strategies, player combinations, and training paths you can choose, here are a few pescm tips and tricks to make sure that your team steadily rises through the ranks of your divisions.

PES Club Manager Tips & Tricks

First off, let’s start with the off-field enhancements. Off the pitch, you can upgrade facilities within the city of your choice, scout for new players or trainers, and work on keeping your players in sync. Here are some things to look out for when starting out on your journey as a PES club manager.

  1. Resource income is important. Money is always your main resource. Your money comes from a variety of sources, including sponsors. But, your primary source of income comes from your facilities and gameplay. Make sure you will always have enough money to not only play your players’ contracts at the end of the year, but also for your trainers and facilities. In terms of balancing your balance, I always say have at least 2 times your payments (facility upkeep, player and trainer contracts, etc.) plus at least 1 million to be able to contract new players that might pop up randomly. This ensures you’ll never have to let go of a player or wait for your resources to work its way up to decent standings.
  2. Keep track of your playersPlayers all have a time limit that they have. This is seen in the way of getting on in years. All players have their prime, and then a steady decline, which can be in a few years. Keeping track of your players makes sure you aren’t fielding a B tier team when you could have a full A tier team.
  3. Always keep your players in a training session. Training sessions will give your players boosts to their skills, depending on which one you put them in. Each training session takes a certain time period to fully take effect. Keeping your trainers constantly working ensures that you get the most amount of money from them. This also ensures that your players are always improving to their utmost limits, albeit problems with aging.
  4. Keep upgrades up to date on your buildings. Each upgrade takes time. You can either upgrade a building by playing through matches, or by waiting through the real-time amount of time needed to upgrade. Going through the actual real time waiting period is the faster way of going through the upgrading process, as waiting for 15-20 matches takes a very long time as you will have to sit and play through each match. Always make sure to start another upgrade, if possible, after your first upgrade is done, so that there is no downtime between upgrading periods. This ensures you get the maximum amount of efficiency from your time.
  5. Help your association out as much as possible. After joining an association, there will be challenges to complete. Completing these challenges grant you bonuses, and collecting these bonuses boosts your resources. More of a minor “If you want” factor, it’s something worth putting time and effort into.
  6. Keep track of who you contract, and what positions you cover. Contracting players that are higher starred than your original players is always good, but over-contracting is absolutely a time waster. Each player is able to play certain positions at a higher level, so contracting multiple players to the same position is actually detrimental, even if they are at a higher level. Cover each position of your team evenly, that way you efficiently balance your economy as it is distributed evenly throughout.

PES Club Manager Tactics & Formation

On the pitch, you have a multitude of options to play with. In-game strategies, tactics, substitutions, etc., all come into play and may affect your winning chances. Here are some things to keep an eye on while your players duke it out.

  1. Play to your strengths. As you compile your team, you’ll notice trends in players. Sometimes your team may consist of a well-off frontline of attackers and midfielders, and sometimes your team will consist of a stone wall with your defenders and goalies. Making sure to adhere your formation to your players’ strengths ensures that you will come out on top and utilize your team properly. For instance, short passes are good for scrambling the ball between your defenders, midfielders, and strikers. But, if you have a very solid strike line, going for a long ball becomes a viable strategy.
  2. Balance out how hard you can attack with a good defense. Following the flow of the game is a necessary skill. This means knowing when to attack, and when to play defensively. For instance, if you are needing to play passively, setting your team to play with counter-attacks a primary centerpiece will keep your defensive line ready to scramble, and playing with more tact.
  3. Play with clarity. You are able to play in either 2d or 3d mode when playing a game. But, keeping track of how the game flow goes is essential. For this, I encourage people to play more in the 2d mode. Although this seems very boring and slow, playing in 2d mode gives you more clarity and information to assess, as seeing the players run as dots gives you great clarity and information, as well as seeing the whole field, instead of just the players near the ball.
  4. Watch your players’ stamina and energy levels. As the game goes on, keeping track of who’s tired and who’s not is essential. If your player runs low on energy halfway through the match, you will be in for the long haul if you keep him in play. Instead, be ready to make substitutions quickly to ensure every player is fresh for the second half of the game.

These are just a few tips and tricks to keep yourself ahead of the game. Although these are quite general, they are staple tips to keep in mind as you climb through the ranks of the divisions. Good luck, and aim for the top!

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