Pirates of the Caribbean ToW Guide, Tips & Strategy

Ever wanted to break the rules? To go against the government, and to establish your own empire to control? To make the rules, the best that fit you, and to fight and plunder and raid to your heart’s content? Then welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War by Disney. Sail with the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl, and gather a motley crew of ragtags to rival the empire’s armies. Battle ferocious sea creatures from turtles to sea dragons, raid outposts and plunder resource islands, and follow a compelling campaign trail to take a look into the past of a few notorious captains, thus gaining great rewards. But, no matter how far you wish to sail, sailing blind without a compass or a guiding hand will only land you within a deserted island, stranded and afraid. Even Captain Jack needed his trusty sidekick to help him out. So, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the world, on a white beach.

Pirates of the Caribbean ToW Tips

To start with, let’s talk about your home island. Your island is your home from the evil empire armies. Here, you can recruit new pirates, build up a fleet, research new tech upgrades, and create monstrous weapons to equip yourself and your pirate comrades with. But, this all takes time. Making sure to prioritize properly is important so that you don’t waste your resources, as well as time spent.

  1. Keep all your building levels at the same level. Many people will want to constantly upgrade their main fortress as fast as possible. But, this actually negatively impacts your city, as you will fall behind quickly in terms of resource gathering and troop power. Making sure to evenly upgrade everything ensures that your troops will always have the most up to date weapons and ships available, and you won’t be picked on easily.
  2. Never stop recruiting troops. Having a surplus of troops ensures that, if you ever get raided or attacked or are attacking, replacing your troops that are either hurt or dead wont’ be an issue. Seems heartless, but necessary. Constantly having an extra amount of troops means you will always have fully manned ships, plus you have enough defensive troops to ensure your win.
  3. Keep creating new items for you and your troops. Constantly creating items for your characters gives you buffs to different aspects of war. Some items give you a buff on ship damage, and some give you a buff in troop battles on boarding. Some give you buffs to your defensive walls, and some give your ships increased firing rates. But, constantly creating new items means you’ll have more chances of having a higher tier item, which increases the percentages of buffs on that item specifically.
  4. Always empty your resource depots. Your resource depots do not automatically dump their collection into your coffers or storage. They instead hold onto it until you click on the depot itself, meaning, if they are full and you don’t dump it into your storage, they won’t produce any resources. So, always empty your depots, even if they aren’t full. This ensures they’ll always be producing resources, and you won’t run low.
  5. When researching, research the short ones while you’re awake, and longer ones at night. This is more of a simple timing thing. Researching takes time, and each successful upgrade increases the time on the next tier of research. This means the time needed will slowly increase. So, while you are up and walking and such, do the shorter researches, and while you go to bed or have times where you know you won’t be able to check on your island, do the longer, 4-5 hour researches. This means there will be no downtime when you aren’t playing on your island.

Pirates of the Caribbean ToW Strategy (Combat  Guide)

Now that we have the basic tips out of the way for keeping your island up to date, let’s talk about combat. Combat is essential, as it’s the core part of the game. Fighting sea monsters, empire armies, or even other pirate captains looking to take your precious loot, understanding how to counter and make the use of your troops is the most basic concept to understand. So, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you always have the upper hand in battles.

  1. Make use of the scouting skill. Scouting allows you to take a look at the enemies’ hands and see what they have. Whether it’s the number of ships, the number of troops, or the defensive wall health, scouting gives you vital information that will let you be able to draft a specific counterattack, making sure you always have the advantage when it comes to battles.
  2. Balance out your types of troops on board of ships. Balancing out between melee and ranged troops makes sure that, when boarding happens, you won’t get gunned down by their ranged, or your ranged won’t get hammered by pikes. Making sure to have a good balance is like making sure a ball balances perfectly on top of your finger. Half and half is always good, but take into account the scouted number of troops as well, as sometimes you can force the enemy into a bad fight.
  3. Don’t build only one type of ship. Each ship has their own good points and bad. Some are better to be a shield, and some are better for gathering resources. Make sure to have plenty of different ships so you can always have the right type of ship for the right occasion. For instance, if you are fighting a battle at sea, having one shield type ship plus two dps ships means you’ll be able to keep your dps ships alive while your shield ship absorbs the damage.
  4. Always upgrade your ships. Each ship can be upgraded individually. This means they each can be tailored to your specific needs. Upgrading health on a shield ship or upgrading the firing rate on your dps ships will give you a great advantage when fighting.

These are just a few of the tips to make sure you become an infamous pirate of the pirate’s council. Make sure to keep these close to your heart, although they’re more like guidelines than codes. Good luck, and happy plundering!

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