Pocket Rogues Tips, Classes Guide (Best Class Wiki)

You wake up in a very dingy looking dungeon. You don’t know what happened, but you assume that stealing from royalty did not help your case too much. Luckily, a helpful man has offered to make you stronger, so that you will never be bullied again. Offering up a sword and axe as your choices of weapons, you must navigate the underground enemies and mazes, and look for any loot that will help you out. Gear yourself up, and take revenge on the baddies that attacked you before. Welcome to Pocket Rogues, where you make the most out of a bad situation.

Pocket Rogues is a simple hack and slash RPG from a top down view. You are given a single character that starts at level one. Like all rpgs, you can level up and buy better equipment, or farm for the equipment and kill enemies along the way. As you level up, you can slowly choose a class and abilities to specialize into. The specializations and choices you make will dictate how the game goes, and how easy or tough it gets. You can choose from a scrappy warrior, to a stalking rogue, to a long-range archer, or even a barraging mage. Some are easier than others, but some yield more rewards. As such, we’ll talk about how to up your game and what paths are best to choose for your playstyles.

First off, let’s talk about how the game is played. With a top down motion, it is pretty straightforward. As you roam around the dungeons and caves and sewers, you must attack enemies and fend off waves of monsters. You have three primary buttons: attack, shield, and strong attack. These, of course, will vary depending on what class you specialize in and what weapons you choose to use. But, primarily, you must get used to using what you have on hand. Specifically, getting used to having to aim in the same direction as you move. There is no hard way to move in one direction and to aim in another. So, sometimes having a great shield is useful. But, that still depends on your playstyle.

Pocket Rogues Classes Guide

Let’s start off with the pros and cons of each class, Starting with the warrior. The warrior is a simple class, with very few surprises. A shield in one hand, and a sword in another, the warrior is great at beat’em up situations, where swinging around frantically completely destroys the enemies. The only drawback is the short range on the weapons that you choose to use, and how often you have to chase after enemies. But, you will almost always have a decent amount of health and defenses to ensure that you can always take a hit.

The rogue is a bit more advanced, but extremely satisfying. The rogue is a melee attacker, who uses stealth and sneaking skills to deal extra damage to enemies. With the highest dps, a rogue is great for dungeoning, but has very little health, which results in easy pops. If you are not good at keeping yourself safe and healthy during attacks of waves of enemies, there is a fair chance this class is not for you. But, if you are able to dodge enemies and deal damage, then a rogue can clear dungeons and bosses extremely quickly.

An archer is a fast dps dealer that can stand at a decent ways away from the enemy and constantly pelt them. Usually armed with a bow or crossbow, they hold their own by pinning enemies back from arrows riddling their bodies. With rapid-fire skills and powerups, archers can be extremely strong. But, the downside to them is that they generally can only attack one enemy at a time. They cannot deal with flurries of enemies as quickly as a warrior or mage, but they can do significant work after a while, considering they are extremely mobile. So, if you like to sit in the back, this is the class for you.

Mages are seen as the almighty class. Known for massive spells and grand area of effect damage concoctions, they can completely demolish a mob of enemies in seconds. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost, as the cooldowns for the spells can be time-consuming, leaving the mage vulnerable to attacks. they are also slightly slow, with very low armor values, meaning that they can get attacked extremely often, and can be overwhelmed easily. Somewhat hard to master, the mage is great for those that have already played the game.

Best Class to Choose?

Out of all the classes, the mage is the greatest dps target. Next is the rogue, with his stealth damage, then the archer, then the warrior. This is due to the warrior’s short range, as well as low damage output compared to the others. But, these are just our opinions. You can decide how you wish to play on your own, and learn different values of the characters on your own.

Lastly, when skilling up, make sure to choose your path wisely. Depending on what spells and skills you choose to level up, attacking and killing enemies can be extremely difficult. As such, make sure you understand what you are levelling up and ensure that you know how to play your character, or else your playstyle and your character strengths will not match up properly.

Pocket Rogues is a fun, beat them up style of RPG. You roam through dungeons, killing many mobs and collecting loot. Gearing yourself up in the essentials is necessary, which you can buy or continue to loot from different mobs found throughout dungeons. When choosing your path and class, make sure to consider your choice of playstyle, and if your class will compliment it. If you like to sit back and fight, pick an archer or a mage. If you like to get up close and personal, go for the rogue or warrior. The choice, and destiny of your one character, are up to you. Good luck, and happy dungeoning!

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