Prime Peaks Strategy, Game Tips, Walkthrough Guide

You are an avid driver of cars. Enjoying the drives through mountains, hills, and forests are your past-time. But, you’ve heard of a fun new area that lets you drive all over the place, with no repercussions from police, or any wildlife inspectors. This seems like a dream to you, so you have set off on a journey to find these elusive trails and roads. Lo and behold, you find the trails, and the only stipulation is that you try to beat the fastest time that is currently there already. Although it seems easy, you soon learn that it is much harder than you thought. Welcome to Prime Peaks, where speed is key.

Strategy Guide

Prime Peaks is a regular racing game set in a mountainous region of land. With your trusty truck that you drive, you must navigate this simple 2-d scroller that is littered with heavy bumps, jumps, and foliage. Along the way, you must collect different powerups and useful items to ensure that you get enough to make it to the end of the track, or else you fall flat at the end. Although it seems straightforward, there are a few things that you need to keep track of, and ensure that you get along the way. Let’s go over them.

Driving Tips

To start, let’s talk about the game itself. You are able to drive your car using two different pedals. Each pedal controls your speed, as well as your tilting direction in the air. The left pedal controls your deceleration, and your tilting forward motion. The right pedal controls your acceleration, and your backwards tilting motion. Both are important as you progress through the game.

The game focuses on speed. The faster you go, the faster you complete the course. As such, you want to make sure you find the optimal route for each run. The path is fairly straightforward, but you are affected by speed bumps and hitches in the road. If you hit a bump, you can end up getting slowed, as you end up landing at an awkward angle. If that happens, you will have to start accelerating from almost the ground floor once again.

One tip to help you do well when driving is to always have your car somewhat parallel to the ground when you land on the ground. As you drive and hit a jump, you can tilt your car in the air. With this, try to position your car so it lands on the ground as flat as possible. When you do so, it will allow you to keep your momentum going, and not stall out when you land. This also means that you will have to get used to tilting your car quickly, as sometimes you will end up on the side of a hill, meaning you will be at a downward trajectory, and sometimes you will be headed upwards, so you will have to have your car at a different angle from before.

Lastly, make sure you are attempting to collect the gas cans as you drive. There are primarily two different collectibles that you can get: coins, and gas cans. Coins are used to buy upgrades later on, but can constantly be obtained as you redo levels, or move on to other levels. They are not mandatory to finish a race. But, the gas cans are. As you progress through the levels, they will get longer and longer, meaning that your car may run out of gas if you do not pick up gas along the way. As such, you must always be on the look out for these gas cans, as they will ensure that you get to the finish line without dying. But, the downside is that they are sometimes out of the way, like on the bottom of a jump. As such, you must sometimes choose if you would rather sacrifice your time to ensure that you make it, or try to risk it by skipping over the gas can. It is up to you in the end, so never feel like you have to do so.

Upgrading and Buying Guide

Now that we’ve gone over the driving, lets go over the out of racing aspect of the game. You start out with a simple car, but can upgrade to many different vehicles, including a dirt bike and a monster truck. Each of these bring about different benefits to your four key elements: Speed, Handling, Grip, and Power. Speed determines how fast you can go. Handling determines how quickly you can tilt your car. Grip determines how well your car holds the road. Power determines how quickly you can speed up. Each car has their own variations that can be upgraded, so make sure to take a look at them.

Prioritize Speed and Handling, as Grip and Power aren’t that important. As long as you have enough speed and handling, you can make up for any lost ground that might be helped by grip and power. Basically, grip and power are your backup netting in case you fail with your primaries. As such, if you can hold onto your primaries, you can easily get away without upgrading grip and power.

This game is simple, yet fun to play. But, remember, always try to keep your wheels even to the ground. The more even it is after a jump when you land, the more speed you get back from the jump. Always pick up the gas cans, as they will ensure you don’t end up going dry driving. Coins are not as important, but still good to collect. Always try to beat your last time, as you get more from it. When upgrading your car, try to focus on Speed and Handling, as that will help you beat the top speed, as well as you can control your car in the air. Grip and power only matter if you plan to continuously hit bumps and slow down. Good luck, and happy racing through the forests!

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