How to Restore Contacts on Android Without Backup

There are various reasons why you may lose your contacts in an android phone. But whatever be the reason, it is a very simple task to recover lost contacts in android phone.

Recover Lost Contacts in Android Phone

You can easily recover lost contacts from android phone by following methods.

Method 1: Recover Lost Contacts in Android Phone Using Gmail

The first thing that should come to your mind when you lose contacts from yourAndroid phone is how to retrieve them using Google Gmail account. This is because once you sync your device with Gmail, all your contacts are automatically saved to the account. You can access them either from the web or from any android device of yours. To recover lost contacts in an Android phone through Gmail account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google account
  2. Go to Contacts from the drop-down menu on top left corner of the page
  3. Click on “More” button located on top middle of the page
  4. Click on “Restore Contacts” and choose the time period that contained the missing contact list.

Method 2: Recover Lost Contacts in Android Phone from Memory Card

This is the most secure way to restore lost or deleted contacts on Android phone. All you need to do is take out the memory card from your phone and connect it to the computer with a card reader. Then you can use a third-party data recovery program to scan your memory card and retrieve your lost contacts.

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone Memory Card to Computer

Install and run EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and connect your Android phone’s SD card to your computer. Then click “Start” button to make the software recognize and connect your device.

Step 2: Scan Your Android Phone Memory Card to Search Lost Contacts

After connected your Android phone, the software will quickly scan the device to find all the existing and lost data on it. The scan results will be classified into different types according as file types by default. You can choose “Contacts” item to preview all contacts in details right now. If you want to find deleted ones only, you can click the “Only display deleted items” option to list them separately.

Method 3: Restore Contacts from SIM Card on Android Phone

The contacts on your SIM card won’t show up in the contacts app, but they will still be on there. There’s a way to get them back though, you just have to use a computer.

1. Go to and login with the same account that’s on your phone.

2. Click More settings at the top

3. On the left side of the screen click Import

4. Select Import from SIM

5. Select All contacts or select specific contacts

6. In the dropdown menu, select the phone number of your SIM card if it’s not already selected

7. Click Import

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