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No one knows how things came to be. Monsters roaming, enemies at every corner. You just know that this is always how it has been. You have always needed to find great bands of warriors, and figure out how to make them work together in harmony to repel the forces of evil. Everything from basic gear and tactics to who attacks who must be taken into account if you want to survive on this scathing lands. Welcome to Returners (Nexon), where everyone wishes to return home.

Returners is a simple rpg game with some quite difficult tactics. You are a mere person, teleported in by an angel to help battle the enemies of the land. These enemies are sending waves and waves of enemies against you and your cities. To compensate, groups of adventurers and battle hardy fighters must band together to fight against them. Unfortunately, they do not have many skills and communication devices, so someone must direct them in combat. That is where you come in.

Using your knowledge, you will need to direct them to the most important target, as well as protect your backline. You will need to make sure you keep your party alive, and trade out adventurers to fit the needs of the quest. These will all be taken into account. There are some good tactics and tricks that you can use to improve quickly, and get ahead of the competition.

Returners Hero Guide

There are quite a few things outside of the game that must be taken into consideration. The only reasons I put this first instead of in game combat systems is due to how much there is for in-game. Outside of the game, there are only a few components.

First, you must make sure that you are constantly looking for new adventurers and fighters. Never just stop at finding a few. Each fighter has their own unique properties and attacks, that make them uniquely suited to different combat situations. As such, try to collect as many as possible.

Upgrading is next. This is in both gear and skills. Each character can gain levels, which allows it to become much stronger. They increase things such as health, damage, and speed. The gear can be upgraded and used to increase the star power of the champion and warrior, making sure that they will never be harmed in battle. Make sure to always upgrade each and every one of them, and try to prioritize the ones that you use most.

It is important to have an all around composition that you wish to use. For instance, an even amount of tankiness and damage. The best way to do this is to have one tank, two damage dealers, one healer, and one bruiser that can both a damage dealer and a tank. This will allow you to have a strong front line, as well as decent damage. But, we will go into that later.

Best Characters & Combat Strategies

The in-game combat is quite a bit different than others that you might have played. In this, you control what characters go to fight, as well as who they fight, and how they fight. Each character has different attributes, and different skills, which you must delicately balance to the best of your abilities.

First off, there are five basic different classes: Tank, Fighter, Ranger, Support, and Mage. Tank and fighter are both melees, who excel in attacking at close range. They can soak up a lot of damage, and can take the aggression from enemies, but are limited to the certain range. Rangers and mages deal physical and magical damage at a range, respectively. They are your main DPS, and should be kept safe from aggressors. Supports help with different utilities, such as healing and crowd control.

The best thing is to get two tanks to frontline for you and soak up all the aggression from the enemy. Then, you have two full DPS characters to churn out the damage. Then, you have the support back them both up. Find one that heals, as well as has mild crowd control abilities.

Lastly, try to focus on the support enemies first, then the damage dealers, then the tanks. This is because many support characters can heal, completely negating your damage output. From there, focus on the damage dealers, to negate the output of damage to your characters. Tanks can be taken care of later on. This method will help you survive a lot more, rather than clearing it quickly and losing members along the way.

Vary Things Up

The biggest thing to keep track of is that you should always be adapting. Every situation will require different characters and abilities, as well as different armors to help defend your champions. If you are going up against a massive set of melee physical attackers, cloak your tanks with physical armor resistances. Going against a bunch of mages that like to sling spells at you? Better have that magical resistance armors. If you do not want to deal with such things, just make sure your tanks or fighters have resistances built in with their abilities and skills.

Also, make sure to always be upgrading your gear. Each gear can be boosted in terms of what they can do and what stats they give, so never be afraid to upgrade and change that gear. They can be boosted to such an extent that they can cover any other aspects that might be needed. For instance, a starting sword may only over +5 attack, but when upgraded and transformed, it may add +45 for attack. This can be the difference between not killing an enemy, and putting one down early, before he wipes your party.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that can help you along. Remember, never assume that what you get at the beginning is all you are allowed. Mix things up, test things out, and always be ready to experiment. The more you experiment and test out combinations, the more you can come closer to becoming the ultimate Returner. Good luck, and happy adventuring!

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