Sdorica Sunset Guide, Best Team, Character Tier List

You wake up to a strange young woman leaning towards your face. You don’t know where you came from, or what your name is. You have forgotten quite a few of your memories, but the book in your hands seems to hold the keys to allowing your memory to come back. With these cards in your hand, you must figure out how to become a sacred member to protect the world as you see fit. Guided by the hands of the world, you set off to save Sdorica, and see the sunset at the end of the day.

Sdorica Sunset is a simple rpg game. Built around the world of Sdorica, you must learn to fight with a band of warriors to save a world that is going to soon meet it’s end. To do so, you must continue to grow stronger, and power up your warriors throughout their travels, while also balancing out proper combat effectiveness. There are some tips and tricks to getting stronger and more advanced with your tactics, though, that can help boost your effectiveness in combat, and make it easier to completely destroy your opponents.

Basic Gameplay & Strategies

There are a few things that you need to take care of first as a new member of Sdorica. To start, you must understand the basic commands and User Interface. Starting out, you will have to take care of combat. The combat is quite simple. You have two rows of flames, and you must combine them, or pop them individually, to set off a chain of attacks. Each flame corresponds with a character in your party, which then corresponds to their attacks. Each character has a different attack pattern, so you must make sure that combining each of them in a proper fashion keeps you alive and balances attacking as well.

There are a few reasonable strategies that can be employed to help with this. It has to deal with how many characters and other comrades you can have. Starting out, you only get three: A tank, a healer, and a ranger. These are the basics of any composition, but you can have up to five members. As such, you can come up with multiple different styles to work with.

Best Team

To start with, the most basic composition is having one tank in the front, three dps members, and then one healer. In this game, it is especially beneficial to have three damage dealers, as it will spawn more of those specific flames. Not only that, the healers that are available generally have area of effect heals, meaning there is no problem with only healing one member at a time. The usual way to do it is to have two ranged damage dealers, and then one melee damage dealer, as the tank counts as another semi-damage dealer.

The other composition that you can run is the all out attack. Instead of having a front line, you go straight for damage, and just hope to kill them quickly. This strategy would only work in this kind of game, as not every enemy attacks at one time, but instead of an attack cooldown period, which you can attempt to abuse early on. This means that you can sometimes attack much faster and heavily in between the enemy attacks, completely blowing them away.

You can also go for a primarily healer composition, and do a slow burn style that goes a bit slower, but can ensure that you survive. This is done by having two healers, one damage dealer, and then two tanks. That way, your front line is completely bolstered, and can tank any damage thrown your way. The optimal way to go is the all out attack, as it will allow you to force your way through any scenario, as well as any other fighters that you might come across.

Useful Tips

Outside of combat, there are a few things you can do. For one, bolstering your characters with investments allows you to skip levels without grinding out scenarios against monsters. This way can keep you moving quickly throughout the game, while not falling behind in damage output and tankiness.

Character Skills & LVL Up Guide

Make sure to constantly read through each character’s abilities. Combining different amounts of flame produce different results. For instance, the healer, if only using one flame, heals a single person for a small amount. With two, though, the healer can attack generally, dealing small damage. With four flames combined, though, the healer ends up with an area of effect heal that keeps everyone topped off. Knowing exactly what each skill does means that there will be no avenue or alley of attack and defense that is completely skipped over.

Lastly, there are items that you will pick up from different adventures. These can give you slight boosts, like damage ratio boosts for a short time, or increased amounts of gold while adventuring, as well as boosts to health when in different scenario worlds. As such, make sure to constantly keep an eye on the items that you pick up, to see if they benefit you, as well as constantly figure out different combinations.

The best combination is to always have a damage boost amplified whenever you plan to go out and grind out mobs. Clearing out the game faster means that you gain gold faster, which then translates to increased stats for your characters without much effort. As this increases, your characters can then gain special abilities through such things like transcending abilities, as well as passives. These become invaluable in the long run, as passive skills keep your characters alive without even needing to be activated.

No matter what you plan to do, it is best to always try out different styles. Just because one style works now, doesn’t mean it will work forever. As long as you test and play, you will continue to climb the ranks and save Sdorica. Good luck, and happy fighting!

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