Secret Tower 500F Guide, Tips and Cheats

Secret Tower places you in the shoes of an adventurer, looking to plunder the highest levels of the secret tower to obtain riches and power. Along your journey, you will have to face up against deadly creatures, from bats to golems to ghouls to reapers, and grow stronger with each defeat to ascend to the highest level of the tower.

Secret Tower is probably one of the best games to be played if you want the reward without having to fully commit time to it. The game has multiple autopilot modes, which lets you run the game without actually having to play the game, meaning you can farm gold easily and quickly. But, there are some things you have to watch out for, and know what to avoid, as well as getting the most out of your time. Here are the best tips and tricks to power your way to the 500th floor, and above.

Secret Tower 500F Guide

Prioritizing Stat Upgrading

You have four basic stats to compile your team. These are: Health or HP, Attack or ATK, Speed or SPD, and Defense or DEF. Each stat gives you something in return. Health is your maximum damage that you can take, Attack is the damage you deal per attack. Speed is the rate at how fast you attack. Defense calculates the reduction of damage dealt against you, as well as reducing the speed of the enemy.

The best stat, in terms of floor clearing, is speed. Getting in the attacks before your opponent mean everything. The higher the attack speed of your adventurer’s is compared to your opponent’s defense, the faster you will attack. But, remember, this is the same thing in reverse. If you have a lower defense than your opponent’s speed, then you will be the one taking the beating. Next on the list is Attack. Attack, obviously, is very important since, if you don’t have attack power, then your attacks won’t deal any damage. The reason I rank it lower is because you can make up for damage in greater percentages with rapid attacks, but only getting 3-4 attacks off before you die is much more unfortunate.

Next is health. Having an enormous amount of health ensures that, if you meet any enemies, they won’t be able to take you out as quickly. The more health you have, the longer you last in battle, and the more damage you can give to your opponent. One of the benefits that pushed this down on the list of prioritized stats is the fact that you heal after every floor clear. This means you don’t risk losing health, and having to fight with a handicap. This is understandable as there is no healing in this game, but that still means it’s not as much of a worry as it might seem in other games.

The last stat to prioritize is defense. Although I stated that defense is necessary to slow down the enemies attacks, it’s only a small portion. Having a high defense only serves one purpose: to slow down a beating that will still end with your defeat. In other words, it’s much better to just have a slugfest if you’re looking to clear quickly, since you regain all your health at the end of the round.

To recap, prioritize in this order: Speed, Attack, Health, Defense. Now, you may be wondering how you can upgrade your stats when you can’t individually upgrade each stat. Well, you choose your party members.

Editing your party

Your party for a regular secret tower run is four members. There are four different classes to start from: Warrior, Wizard, Rogue, and Knight. Each class provides a boost to a certain stat, which fits into their role. Warrior gains more health per level up, Rogue gains Speed, Wizard gains Attack, and Knight gains Defense. Leveling up an adventurer will grant you increases in each stat, with their primary stat increasing the most. Preferably, running a rogue and warrior and wizard with a random of your choosing is the best. I prefer to level the rogue up as fast as possible, which gives you more speed, then work on the warrior, then the wizard. This ensures that I hit each basic stat that is necessary, and rounds out your adventurers to a decent degree. Keep the rogue topped off at the highest level, as the rogue will ensure that you gain a lot of speed.

In-Game Fight

There is a little bit of in game usage, but that can be negated due to the autopilot option that you can choose in dungeon fights. But, if you wish to play it manually, there are times where you can get a goddess boost. The boost allows you to give a 10% increase to any of the four stats mentioned previously, with three points being allowed per blessing. These can be used to shore up any weaknesses that you had beforehand, and can give you massive boosts if continuously boosted. This will only be used in floor dungeons though, and not in World Boss battles or PVP battles.

World Bosses require that you have 8 different adventures to fight a massive boss with extended health. It takes immense amounts of time and energy to defeat these bosses, but give great return value. A great way to complete these are to have 2 warriors, 2 rogue, 3 wizards, and 1 Knight. In this formation, you will end up keeping yourself decently alive to output damage, and give you more damage overall.

Secret Tower 500F Tips and Cheats

Greatest Cheat

If you wish to not deal with any of that, there is a major cheat that you can use. By spending $99.99, you may buy high level characters and boost them up to max levels, as well as increase the dungeon speed up level to 7, where it is usually at 2. But, that takes all the fun out of it in my opinion.

These are just a few handy tips and tricks. Remember, reaching level 500 is not the end of the game, either. See how far you can climb, and play how you like, as creating different parties can lead to surprising results. Happy hunting, and good luck!

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