Shoujo City Guide and Walkthrough

You are a simple person, living in a small apartment. You don’t have much, but you seem to be well off. You only wish for one thing: to be able to get a significant other, and be able to create a relationship in the simplest form. You have your phone, which tells you there are a few women in your area that could possibly be a great match to your own personal lifestyle. You only have a few days, though, to capture their attention and possibly their hearts. With that in mind, you set out to find the love of your life, and the chance to woo and keep them close.

Shoujo City Beginner’s Guide

Shoujo City is a very simple game with simple mechanics. Your goal is to find a person to date, and you have ten days to capture their attention. Using any means necessary, you must take their heart to complete the game. You can go on dates, give them gifts, and talk to them, but they all consume energy. As you consume energy, you can gain back the energy, but it takes time away from dating. So, you must learn to balance everything to the perfect degree. Here are a few tips and tricks to make it work out for you.

Don’t go for multiple people

To start, this game can be played in any way you choose. You can try for multiple different Significant Others, or you can go for just one person. But, the easiest way is to only go for one certain person, and stick with that person to the end. This is because you have a finite number of resources at your disposal. For instance, energy. You only start out with 10/10 energy, meaning each action you take with a possible candidate takes away some of your energy, or AP, or action points, however you would like to call it.

Because of this reason, you will end up completely running your points dry if you split your time with multiple candidates. It is possible, but it is extremely difficult.

Second is money. You only start out with around 15 dollars, and most of the items you might want to purchase or pick up cost around 3-5 dollars as well. This means you will have to split your money as well if you plan to attempt to go for other people at the same time. Not only that, many of the action point recovery items cost money, meaning you’ll have to split money between dates, items, and the significant other you want to go for.

Third, is the amount of time it takes to do everything. As you go about your day and move, it takes up time within the day. Each time you rotate to a new area, a bit of your day is lost. As characters do tend to move around, you’ll have to start chasing after them. As such, only focusing on one person is smart, and keeps your time at a manageable level.

How to find your target

Finding out which character you want to go after is difficult, but it isn’t too bad. The game may seem a bit difficult to understand at first, but the phone that you have on you will be a life saver. To start, there is a map built into the phone that lets you track where the targets are. If you open it up, it will tell you where the person is at that given time, and you can simply go after them by following the map around. Use this to your advantage, as it will always show you accurately where they are, as they will shift from day to day.

How to date or woo your crush.

There are plenty of ways to start out dating them. To start, though, you must talk with them and gain their trust. This is done simply by saying hello, or going up to them and activating the speech function. After that, you can gift them gifts, and give them anything that you have on hand, including sodas and the like. Depending on the person, they may prefer certain items over others, meaning you need to check out what they like and dislike by their reactions to what you give them. Also, your phone will sometimes have handy data on the target, allowing you to pinpoint exactly what they want, and how to get the most affection from them.

The other way you can get their attention is by going on dates with them. Once you have successfully initiated the exchange, you can ask them out to a myriad of different events. When you do, make sure you pay special attention to what they like, and if you are responding to them properly. At the end of the date, make sure you take note of where you went first, because you do not want to keep doing the same event over and over, as that lowers the affection you gain from that event. As such, the main thing is, spice things up over and over again.

Taking Care of Yourself

The last point is to make sure you have enough action points to continue your activities. There are a few ways to keep your action points up, but the primary way to do it is to sleep in your own bed. This can be done at your apartment, so don’t forget where it is. Sleeping restores all of your action points, but puts you at the next day, so only do it when you have completed everything that you have wanted to do. You can also buy energy drinks or pop that will let you regain some action points, but those usually cost money, so only do that sparingly. Lastly, you are able to earn minimal amounts of cash by doing odd jobs, but overdoing it will make you lose affection from your potential candidate. As such, balance it all out, and you will reign victorious.

This game is a simple dating simulation, but make sure to pay attention to the details. Answering emails and messages, finding where they are to give them a gift, and taking care of yourself can be difficult. But, if you stick to only one person, it’ll be worth it. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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