Snowboard Party: Aspen Tips and Tricks

You’ve dreamt about it for years. You saved up the money. You spent months watching Sean White and many others shred the powder, and it finally clicked that you want to be like them. You spent years attempting to persuade your parents, and finally, you now have the chance to prove that you can do it. You put on your pants and suit, and strap in your feet as you stand at the top of the black runs. Welcome to Snowboard Party: Aspen, where you decide your fate.

Snowboard Party: Aspen is a simple game with simple mechanics. You control a man or woman attempting to get the top scores in different slope areas, and be the best snowboarder that the world has ever seen, or at least within the Aspens. To do this, you must start at the bottom of the mountains and work your way up to the higher pipelines. You can either aim for the pro circuit of speed snowboarding, or aim for tricking it out, and learning how to be the best trick artist the world has ever seen in the half-pipe.

As you climb, you will get the chance to face stronger opponents in real time, as well as gear yourself out. Although it seems quite easy, Snowboard Party: Aspen can be decently difficult. As such, here are a few things that you must take into account when attempting to get better at snowboarding in the game.

Gameplay Tips

To start, let’s talk about how you control your character as you go through the courses. Although your character will go down the mountain on their own, you can either speed up the process or slow down the process by tilting the left digital joystick. This joystick will also help you to create tricks in the air as you spin.

On the other side of the controls, you have the specific tricks and grabs you can do. There are four buttons, one for each end that you can grab on the snowboard, one to hop on rails, and one to get ready to jump. All of these are important. The primary jump button will ensure that you get the most out of your jumps, and increase your air time. The two grab points will allow you to grab different tricks, and will also allow you to drift your rider in directions as well.

Learning how to handle these two controls will give you leverage when attempting different tricks to not become stale. The biggest thing to attempt is the jump button. Holding down the primary button will make sure that your rider will crouch, and then releasing the button will force your rider into the air. Doing this will give you more air time, which will also let you get more tricks off.

The most difficult skill to use is the grind button. This button will let you hop on rails, but only if you hit them at a certain point. The grind tricks give quite a bit of trick points, but are difficult to pull off properly. If you can master those, then you will be set for life.

Trick List

Now lets get into the tricks. The easiest to get are the spin tricks, which require you to mostly hold left and right on the joystick while in the air and holding one of the ends. When you do this, it will multiply your score. At the start, make sure to only do one rotation, and do not attempt backflips or frontflips, as those are extremely difficult to pull off without having the proper air.

When doing a run down a regular slope, attempt to go off of the major jumps. These are the middle piles of snow that will let you jump like crazy. Going off track will only lessen your timeframe, as if you do not complete the course in the proper time, you will not be scored, thus losing all of your work.

Make sure to always complete the objectives. Objectives give you extra gold and money to spend on upgrades and extra tools to increase your trick status. Don’t try to complete them all at once though. Attempt to clear 3 to 4 at a time, which will give you constant gains, and let you practice as well.

Skills and Equipment

Lets talk about upgrading your skills and equipment. As you play through the game, you will gain money and income. This money and income will allow you to increase your stats. There are four primary stats: Balance, Speed, Spin, and Air. Balance increases how stable you are when you land, Speed increases how fast you go in general, Air increases how high you will go when jumping, and Spin will increase how quickly you turn in the air. The best two to go for are speed and spin. These two will allow you to push out your skills faster, and also increase your air time passively. From there, you can increase your Balance and Air. But, make sure to always keep your spin and speed at top notch levels.

You can also change your outfits and your board. There is no set bonus, so you can mix and match as you like. Make sure to choose equipment that compliments your own skills that you lack. For instance, if you are upgrading mainly speed and spin, get equipment that helps you with balance and air. This way, you come out quite equally all around.

These are just a few tips and tricks to make sure you come out on top when on your way to the big slopes. Start out by completing objectives with each area. Before moving on to the next one, complete every single objective, so that you don’t have to revisit that area later. Make sure to spec only on speed and spin when you level up. This way, you can offset it later by increasing your equipment. Lastly, make sure to get used to the joystick and buttons so that you can pull off combos later. Good luck, and happy shredding!

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