Stickman Dismounting Tips and Tricks

You have been tasked with taking care of a poor stickman in a testing facility. The object of these tests: successfully cause this stickman immense amounts of pain and suffering to completely fill the quota of pain, and move on to the next testing range. You are given a wide variety of tools and utensils to craft an object or vehicle to plummet the stickman to his death. You don’t know why he’s in there, or why, but you know it must be done. Sitting down in your seat, you get to work with the Stickman Dismounting.

Stickman Dismounting is a simple game, with not too many complicated buttons. It is a beat’em up, wherein you control a stickman’s destiny through a series of grueling tests. Each test gets progressively more intense in course, which means you must continuously get creative with your vehicles and testing units to ensure that the stickman goes through the complete wringer. Although it seems very straightforward, there are a few ways to make it a bit easier on yourself, so that you do not end up getting stuck by not giving the stickman enough damage.

Useful Tips & Strategies: How to Get the Most Out of Your Stickman?

To start, lets talk about how you rack up points. With each stage, you will have a new set of course to work with. Whether it be stairs or walls or crushers, you must make use of all of these thigs to cause the most injuries within the time frame. Along with this, with each stage, you are given a specific task to complete before you can move on to the next one. For instance, the first area you open is known as the stairs. It will also require you to complete 17 flips throughout all the games played on this level. Although these do not need to be completed all in one go, you must complete it one way or another, or else you can’t unlock any other areas. So, make sure to always check your objectives.

So, lets go over what you can work with. For starters, you are able to control three things constantly: position of stickman, vehicle used, and speed at launch. You can also control when you eject the stickman out of the vehicle, but we won’t worry about that, as any time the stickman falls out is considered a launch. The position of the stickman depends on the vehicle used primarily, but they can come in a wide range of positions. Different positions cause different reactions. For instance, a more forward position will cause your stickman to fall more forward when he is launched. A more back position will cause him to hold his position for longer instead of being launched right away. Different vehicles also cause different scenarios. For instance, a shopping cart might tilt a lot quicker than, say, a car. But, it will also break easier, meaning that the stickman will start taking damage much quicker. Speed at launch is the velocity at which you plan to push your stickman early on. It comes in the form of a simple shove to your stickman, and causes him to be flung forward.

Now, let’s go over the different tricks to ensure that you get the most out of your stickman. To start, the best and most obvious way to get the most damage racked up is to constantly send him tumbling down the terrain. Depending on your mission, it might be better to go slow and steady to rack up points, instead of just flinging your stickman randomly. As such, only a little velocity will be necessary to get him rolling. This will send him careening into the terrain at a much faster pace, which allows you to get more points.

Next, make sure you find out which vehicle has the most parts and will constantly rain down terror on your stickman. Although this seems weird, not all the vehicles will splinter like you think. The more parts that splinter off, the higher chance there is of those splintered parts raining down and hitting your stickman. This also means that he will take increased damage, and will sometimes get stuck in said parts. This is what is really important. If your stickman gets caught in what is known as an infinite loop of parts, this will ensure that he is always taking damage without the turn ending. This will help you rack up points in quick succession, and ensure a steady flow of cash into your pockets.

Lastly, test out different scenarios and combinations. Not all combinations will be great, but sometimes, you find that perfect one that seems to be on the money. These will be specific combinations between vehicles, velocity, maps, and poses that will ensure that you get a high amount of points and currency to spend. Keep these in the back of your mind for all occasions, as you will need the currency to continue unlocking more courses.

Now, many people may constantly unlock more stages, but it is much smarter to stay on the same course, and unlock more vehicles with your currency. This is because you will need to use those vehicles to find different combinations. As such, focus primarily on getting new vehicles to work with. As you gain excess coins, then you can open up new facilities. But, your primary focus is on the vehicles. For comparison, for every 4-5 vehicles you unlock, then you can unlock a new facility after hitting the proper objective.

Stickman Dismounting is a very simple game in nature, but very addicting. It can be frustrating when you cannot finish getting the coins you need, but these tips should help you out. Focus primarily on getting the most coins, as well as the objective that the game gives you. Use everything at your disposal, including velocity, vehicle choices, and the pose of the stickman in question. Combine all these, and find the best that suits your needs. Good luck, and happy crushing!

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