Swipe Brick Breaker Guide, Tips to Get Highest Possible Score

It’s never ending. The bricks fall, and you must break. The numbers keep going up, but you muster the troops. Your friends and allies have your back, attacking the enemies as you do, and when one enemy falls, they move on to the next. But the enemies are never ending. Slowly, you gather more of your comrades, and slowly, the enemy keeps moving. you try to attack from every angle, even bouncing off the walls to hurt them more. But they keep pushing, eventually overwhelming you. Your eyes close, only to open again, to see one single block, and a comrade in need of rescue. Your battle starts again.

Swipe Brick Breaker is a classic rendition of brick break, where you must control a ball that bounces off the walls and backwalls to break bricks that will slowly descend down towards your area. With each increasing shot, the bricks will descend, bringing with them stronger bricks that need more hits to break. As you go through the game, you must constantly destroy the bricks and not let them stack up, or else you will have to worry about breaking too many bricks all at once. As this game can be learned easily and is a simple game, but difficult to master, let’s go over some tips and tricks to keep track of to ensure your success throughout the game.

Swipe Brick Breaker Game Tips and Strategy to Get Higher Score

Let’s start first with the balls. You start out with a single small ball, that will only do damage once. Each ball you collect will increase your damage, but only if they all go in the same direction. You are able to collect them during each level, as they also drop down alongside the new bricks. You must shoot these balls down to be able to “unlock” them and add them to your power shots. This is consistent throughout the entirety of the game, meaning that, if you reach level 68, you are able to get around 68 balls to use.

For the ball mechanics, there are multiple different types of play. Now, any type of play is workable, but they all take a certain amount of time invested into the style to make it work. But, they can be broken down into three simple categories: Random, Single-Target, and Bounce House. These three categories are the simple basics, so let’s go over them.

Random refers to the act of just randomly placing your shot and hoping it hits a target, with no real care as to what happens afterwards. This generally works at the beginning, as you just aim at a simple target, and you don’t have to worry about anything else except for one block to break. But, random shooting will not work at the higher levels, as the blocks will need careful planning to break, as well as making sure you hit every extra ball that you can.

Single-Target is along the lines of random, except that you attempt to trace a line to what you wish to hit, and make sure to hit those blocks or balls along the way. For instance, you aim at a single block, try to figure out the bounce path towards another block, and so on and so forth. This works well in certain instances, but the bigger problem that arises is you end up with great walls of bricks that will have high numbers of health, meaning that there may be no way for you to break past them, and end up stuck. Because of this, single-target is good for taking out stragglers, but not great for the end game.

Bounce House is possibly the greatest strategy for this game. The game hinges on the fact that you are able to clear multiple bricks with a single shot, but sometimes, it seems a bit difficult to do with how they are positioned. The Bounce House strategy utilizes the fact that, as the game suggests, you are able to bounce the balls off of the walls and the back of the arena. Not only that, you are able to bounce the balls directly off of the bricks themselves, so attempting to aim towards those bounce options is the best. Now, many may say this is the same as the Single-target style, but the bounce house’s aim is a bit more advanced. The bounce house focuses primarily on finding condensed bounce options, which is a fancy way of saying find a small circle or area that you can repeatedly bounce the balls into, and fire them inside of that area. This way, the balls will continuously bounce off of the bricks, meaning you don’t need the actual number of balls to break a break. Not only that, they shoot off in random directions after breaking a brick, meaning that they have the potential to damage other blocks, making those blocks easier to break as well. In essence, the Bounce House strategy is the accumulation of both the random and single-target style, and helps to clear out blocks the fastest.

Although Swipe Brick Breaker is simple in nature, it takes time to really master the game and clear out all the blocks. Continue to polish your ball army, and aim to crush those pesky bricks before they reach your field of play. Good luck, and happy breaking!

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