Terminator Genisys: Future War Guide, Tips and Strategy

Step into the world where machines and humans wage war against each other. The fight to win and survive is high strung, and any extra commander is helpful. Choose your faction. Fight for the humans, and protect the pride and past of real people, or fight for the machines, forcing your way to the top of being acknowledged as superior in every way. Pick a side, build up your troops, and rise to the top in the war.

Terminator Genisys: Future War Beginner Guide

To begin your first steps in the war, having a good base setup is important, but sometimes time-consuming. As well as keeping up with your troops, making sure you have a good balance of every single aspect, you must take precautions. For these, having a few tips and tricks to give you a boost when starting out will help you significantly. Here are the best tips and tricks for Terminator Genisys: Future War.

Let’s start with inside the base. The base is your home, your fortress, and your garrison. Decking out your base is essential to make sure you have the most resources and highest defenses possible to deter enemies from attacking. Here are the top tips for inside the base:

  1. Upgrade your resource and troop buildings evenly. At the beginning of your start, you will have many different plots you are allowed to build on. Although this may seem daunting, filling all those plots ASAP will give you greater resource storages and greater production speeds. This also means you’ll be able to upgrade all your buildings in a row, which allows you to not fall behind when going on to higher levels. Evenly upgrading your buildings means you won’t end up not being able to research a specific upgrade or build a certain ship to pilot because your other buildings don’t have the same level as your headquarters. Upgrade all your buildings evenly, so all your buildings are the same level approximately.
  2. Keep research upgrades constantly active. Researching gives you a plethora of bonuses and speed-ups, without having to constantly be applied. These are what we call passive buffs, and are extremely effective. Constantly having a research upgrade going ensures that time is not wasted when researching. For instance, do your shorter upgrades during the times where you are awake since you will be able to start up a new research project once it is over. When you go to sleep, start a longer timed research project that you may need to wait for 4-5 hours before it completes, which means your time sleeping will have been useful.
  3. Have a surplus of troops. Having more troops than your resource deposits can keep up with is an okay situation. Having multiple troops means you will constantly have enough soldiers and airships to constantly fill your army sizes. For instance, having 20,000 troops makes sure that, if you have 2 armies of 5,000 size, you will always be able to send out the max amount of troops. This ensures that you will be protected when gathering and the like. This also ensures that your excess troops will be able to defend your base if it gets attacked or targeted. It also serves as a deterrent if you are scouted.
  4. Don’t build too many of one resource depot. As you build your resource depots, keep in mind building too many of one resource means your other resources will plummet. For instance, building too many oil depots will end up dropping your ammo distribution, cutting off your resource troops. But, cutting off the oil production may cause a reduction in airship productions. So, evenly balance out your resources, so to assure your base will always have enough resources to build and create more troops and building upgrades.

Now that we’ve covered the building of your base, let’s move on to commanding your troops, in and out of battle. Out of battle troop tips will consist of how to take care of your troops and how to build them, and in battle troop tips will cover actually battling and fights.

Useful Tips to Get Started

  1. Build your troops to your strengths. As you research and upgrade your commander’s skills, pushing your troops into specific wings is always necessary. What I mean by this is, if you have researched foot soldier damage, health, and defense, maybe stacking a few more foot soldiers may be a good idea. But, that will fall under our next points as well.
  2. Always keep your hospitals up to date. Having your hospitals full upgraded means you’ll always be able to house more troops in case they get injured. If your troops get injured and do not have a place to be healed, they will be killed off, and will need to be resurrected, which takes way more resources. So, always try to keep your hospitals up to date to ensure survival of your troops.
  3. Keep your troops moving. Always having troops out in the fields will ensure that, if an attack happens, you will not lose all your troops. This also means they will not be idle and not producing resources for you. Always having multiple armies out collecting or raiding will ensure an added boost of resources to your storages, and make sure you always have the edge.

Battle Strategy Guide

  1. Balance out your troops. I know I said before that balancing around your strengths is good, but at the same time, don’t go all out. Whenever you attack others or npcs, they will not have just one type of troop. Try to always keep a nice balance between all your, such as half ground troops and half air troops, so that you can react to any situation that may occur.
  2. Scout before you attack. Scouting out an enemy gives you great information to build your armies to a specific instance. Seeing the enemies’ strengths, and how many troops them have, or what they are packing, will give you enough to possibly even mount a counterattack, or build an army to specifically fight off their warriors. Information is power, and everyone loves power.
  3. Don’t force battles. This should be a standard. But, only attack people or resource depots that you know you can win. If their troops outnumber yours, don’t just assume you can win and send them in willy-nilly. Work your way up slowly, and take it easy until you become a force to be reckoned with. Between a tortoise and a hare, be a tortoise with a battalion of ground troops and airships.

Now remember, these are just a few tips and tricks to follow. No matter which side you decide to follow, remember, stay ahead of the competition, and eat the enemy faction. As always, good luck, and happy destruction!

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  1. The last film Terminator was !NOT! good at all but I decided to try this game. And it’s turn up pretty good. I like this lore. Ye, It’s difficult to develop my city now, but it’s possible. I haven’t pay the money yet :))


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