Tiny Rails Guide, Best Engine Setup, Tips & Secrets

You have always dreamed of this moment. To be able to ride on the rails, to be able to speed your way through the floating cities and landscapes. You have longed to be able to see the mountains on one side, and the sea on the other, and then by evening see long grassy plains as well. You knew that you could do this if you started to work on your own company of the railroads, but it was a long time coming. You worked long and hard for years, saving up and looking for investors. Finally, after years and years of hard work, you were finally able to get your own train, and start on the life you always wanted. Welcome to Tiny Rails, where you control your destination.

Tiny Rails is a fairly simple game. You are the conductor and owner of a small rail-line train that you hope to start making a lot of money from. You start with barely anything, just the engine and one car attached with the caboose. From there, you must transport people and merchandise along the railways to be able to make enough money to build the greatest and most luxurious train ever.

There are a few things that must be taken into consideration, however. Throughout the entirety of the game, there are a few steps and measures that you can take to ensure that you come out a much better conductor and strategist to increase your payment amounts, as well as your fortunes.

Tiny Rails Beginners Guide

To start, you will only have a single car attached to the engine and the caboose. This is only at the start, however. As you progress through the game, you will be able to purchase and roll for new carts that each give different benefits.

Each cart has different benefits and privileges that come with them. They cover such stats as how much cargo you can handle, how many passengers you can have on your train, and many others. They can also vary, depending on what car you pick, which can give you a boost to your gold production, how luxurious the car is for the passengers, as well as how well preserved you can have things be.

What to upgrade

Make sure to have a good balance between everything. At the start, you’ll have to choose between what is upgraded. Starting out, it is best to get cars that allow you to upgrade your passenger limits. This is because passengers will be the ones to bring you the most consistent income. More passengers equals more money. You can still upgrade your cargo space, but you have to physically buy and sell each time. As such, that means you will always have to do it manually, even if you don’t have the time.

Next would be to upgrade the luxury items. The luxury bonuses afforded by different cars increases how much you earn from these passengers. For instance, if you have 10 passengers, having more luxurious items will help boost their spending tenfold. For this, you earn much more than you normally would, and makes sure more passengers stay on your train for longer periods of time.

Lastly, try to upgrade your benefits. Things such as toiletries, music, and other entertainments will help immensely. This is separate from luxuries, which luxuries is classified as foods and such. It is weird, I know, but bear with it.

Overall Upgrades

There are also things that you can generally upgrade as well. These can be found under the total upgrade where you can spend gold to continuously upgrade the benefits to the maximum of their opportunities. These are: Speed, Cargo, Weight, Cars, Passengers, and Vault. These can each be upgraded to a great extent, but there are some that should be put into more than others.

To start, upgrade your speed. Upgrading the speed is the most important, since there is no other way to upgrade your speed other than to get a new engine, which takes some time. So, making sure you are always upgrading it will help you go faster, and get to your destinations even quicker.

Next focus on your weight. The weight limits how many cars you can have attached to your train. If the weight is too high, your overall speed will suffer, meaning you go much slower. This means it is more important than how many cars can be used, as if the weight is too much, you can not hit that limit.

Lastly, focus on upgrading your vault. The vault is how much gold you can hold at any given time. Since you’ll start earning quite a bit, it is important to always get more space so you can start holding more money. This comes in handy later on, when you have to start spending almost 50-60 thousand gold to be able to purchase some upgrades.

Follow the Requests

Make sure to pick up every request you can. These requests are quests that you can do, such as travelling a certain distance, or buying and selling items. All of these give you money and experience, but will also help you level up some of your engineers, as well as your workers. As your workers give you requests, such as travel a certain distance, or sell a number of tickets, they level up, and grant you more bonuses as you travel. So, finish these quests up quickly, to earn lots of bonuses!

There is also a main quest line that lets you progress throughout the game. As you do this quest line, you unlock powerful engine parts that will make sure you go extremely fast and quickly. They can be unlocking a caboose for more money, as well as unlocking an engine that looks good, as well as boosts your speed by, say, 50%. You can mix and match and play to your own strengths, but making sure to complete these challenges will afford you the best results. If not, you may be stuck in the dark ages.

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