TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight Tips, Strategy Guide

In Transformers: Forged To Fight, you are a commander/overseer tasked with rebuilding and locating key elements with the Transformers. Utilizing both friends and foes alike, you must stand up to evil by upgrading and ranking up your transformers, and making sure to know how to hit hard and accurately. While there are some simple out of combat elements, we will be focusing on team building and in-game fighting specifically. So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you succeed in battle, and out of battle.

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight Tips

Out of battle refers to what things are given outside of the battles themselves. These include unlocking characters, picking up resources, and helping your alliance. As you level up in the game and collect more characters, more of your base will be unlocked to you in the form of construction sites finishing their work, and crystals being replenished. Here are some things to look out for and to think about as you progress.

  1. Collect and use your crystals.
  2. Make sure to check on your inventory.
  3. Help out your allies.
  4. Complete quests to gain more resources.

Team Building or “Prep Phase”, as I like to call it, refers to the point where you can edit your team. Picking your teammates wisely ensures success, especially when it comes to the story mission where you collect most of your loot. Story missions generally last for a long time, and your transformers do not automatically regenerate health. So, making sure your team is properly balanced ensures success. There are the three major points to think about. One, team health. Two, classes. Three, connections. Here are some key points to remember before you jump headlong into that mission.

  1. Make sure you have rock, paper, and scissors. There are 6 different classes of transformers that you can choose from. Each one has one class that it can have a bonus advantage over, and a specific class that it has a disadvantage against. Generally, you can still hard-muscle your way through any fight as long as your transformer is sufficiently upgraded, but having the class advantage will always give you a significant edge over your opponent.
  2. Keep your transformers sufficiently upgraded to have enough health to sustain a fight. As you upgrade your transformers, they gain health and energy. The first number you see is just an overall stat, not the specific health, since health varies depending on the class you are upgrading. Making sure your transformers all have decent health ensures that, when running the story missions, you won’t have to either use repair kits often, or you won’t accidently get beaten in a fight.
  3. Try to chain as many transformers together as possible. Certain transformers are attuned or align with other ones. For example, Optimus Prime and Ratchet both connect and gain an additional boost when being used. These boosts can be stacked on top of each other, so make sure to keep in line with who gains extra boosts, so that you don’t miss out on extra damage or health.

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight Strategy Guide

In-game battles have many elements. As it is very quick-paced and you need to be well-versed in hand-eye coordination, there are aspects that you can abuse and pick up on to make sure you come out on top. Here are some tips and tricks for fighting story transformers, as well as other commanders/overseers.

  1. Abuse attack patterns. This applies mostly to story mode battles, but can also apply to pvp as well. In most cases, AI patterns for story battles all attack the same way in certain situations. For instance, after you finish a quick hit combo of 4, an AI will usually try to quick attack you as well. So, abusing the pattern would be something like quick attacking for a combo of 4, blocking right after, and then hitting for another combo of 4 without taking any damage. Same thing can be said about pvp fights. Noticing small patterns of attack can lead to openings within the battle.
  2. Dodging is always a good option. In most games, dodging is seen as cowardly. However, in this game, dodging to avoid ranged attacks means you get to survive a bit longer. Individually, ranged attacks don’t do much. But, as they are almost always multiple shots, dodging up and down negates that damage entirely, while blocking may still transfer the dps as well as the special skills that are tagged on it.
  3. Play to your class strength. Some classes have good melee damage and health, so they can barrel through the enemy, like the knight class. Others, like the scout, excel in quick damage and then running away, like a mosquito. Figuring out how you like to play the game, and then matching it with the proper class, can give you exceptional advantages when fighting.
  4. Make sure your special skill lands. Special skills can cause devastating damage to an opponent, but are also easily blocked. Since they have a large wind up at points, opponents can easily block them, and in turn find a way to get a quick combo off on you, or even unleash their own special skill. To avoid this, find ways to weave in your special skills within your own quick attacks. Opponents can not necessarily block after they get hit with a quick basic attack. So, for instance, instead of comboing 4 quick basic attacks, do 2 to break their guard, and then use your special skill. This ensures that you get the clean hit, and once the special lands, nothing can stop the snowball of damage.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and tricks to destroying other robots. If you liked it, please let us know. Good luck, and happy destroying!


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