Turret Fusion Guide, Tips & Tricks

In the near future, humanity is being overrun by evil alien beings. To combat this, you must start as a lowly army man and work your way up the chain of command to become the commander, and take the fight to the enemy. Utilizing drops and weapons, you must learn to combine and manage your ever-growing army of AI weapons, ranging from the simple pea shooter to greater sized weapons such as the Goliath, and much, much more.

As you are not playing against anyone in particular, this is a very simple play at your own pace game. But, with the biomass, or your money/resource, you must be able to allocate your resources properly so you don’t end up sitting like a duck in a barrel. To help you out along your way, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to climb the ranks as fast as a monkey up a tree.

Turret Fusion Tips & Tricks

Let’s start with the turrets themselves and how to utilize them. In this game, it is all about how many turrets you can have, and at first, it may seem best to constantly have your tiles always completely full with turrets, but I will give you some tips on how to make the most out of your investments and resources.

If you can combine turrets, combine the turrets. Combining turrets brings you the fastest increase in your biomass resource production. As you kill invaders, you accrue biomass, which in turn allows you to buy more drops which give you more turrets, and so the cycle continues. But, some people may think that they wish to constantly have all their plots fully kitted out, meaning that all 10 of your initial starting tiles be filled with turrets. This is not necessarily the right move, since individually they give low income/second. For instance, the pea shooter will only give you .5 biomass per second. So, having 2 pea shooters will only give you 1 biomass per second. But, the rifle, which is the combination of 2 pea shooters, will give you 1.5 biomass per second, meaning you get 2.5 for the price of 2. Continuing this trend lends itself to massive payouts, and gives you access to much stronger weapons, which will constantly give you more biomass per second. Thus, always upgrading and combining your turrets will give you the greatest output, so remember to push it to its limits.

Always continue upgrading to the highest peak. Some people may stop after they reach the megacannon section of the game and just focus on gaining the cannons and mortars. This is not correct, though. Every single tier of weapon has a higher tier than the one before. This means that even if you think you’ve reached the best weapon you can get, you really haven’t got the best weapon you can get. Your goal should always be upgrade to where you have the single strongest weapon against the enemies. This way you ensure that you will always be aiming for the best turret/cannon/ship that you can possibly gain. If you upgrade past spaceships, there may even be the possibility of utilizing black holes…

Watch an ad or two. Once you gain access to the actual cannons defending the outer core of the earth, you will start being able to buy turrets instead of waiting for a drop pod to give them to you. Every so often, you will be asked if you would like to watch an ad to give you a free turret of the highest level that you have available. Generally, I don’t like including things like watch an ad or download an app just to get some freebies in the game. But, for this instance, it’s actually beneficial to let yourself sit through an ad. Each ad is 30 seconds long, and while you watch, the game is still running. This means that, as you spend 30 seconds waiting to gain your best available turret, drop pods are still being dropped and you are still gaining biomass. So, by spending your time doubling up on gaining biomass, you come out on top. Thus, watching an ad every so often is extremely beneficial to you.

Turret Fusion Guide (Skill Upgrades)

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the upgrading paths through passive skills. These passive skills are generally sought after, and can benefit you as you see fit. But, some are more important than the others. So, here are the steps you should upgrade them in.

  1. Increase Biomass Collection duration. This skill allows you to collect biomass even as you aren’t playing the game, but only for a certain amount of time. As you level this up, it will constantly increase the amount of time that you do not have to play the game, so that when you come back, you can come back to a massive storage of biomass to use and profit from. Thus, upgrading this skill is absolutely the primary start.
  2. Improve the towers delivered in drop-pods. As I stated earlier, drop pods give you a free turret every few seconds. But, they will only drop the lowest common turret, which, at rank one, is the pea shooter. Upgrading the towers/turrets within the drop pod means you can sometimes skip over gaining just a pea shooter, and aim for gaining a possible gatler or even a gatatatler, completely negating the need for another drop pod, in a sense. Thus, this skill is second on the list.
  3. Reduce drop-pod delay. This skill shortens the time it takes between each drop of a pod for a free turret. The faster you drop the pods, the faster you can combine the turrets within the pods, meaning you speed up the production of higher tiered weapons. This can be upgraded to as short as 3-4 seconds, depending on how much you wish to spend, but the be best I’ve been able to work with is 6, since sometimes you won’t be only to collect and combine the towers, in which case the drops just stop happening. So, it has a small drawback, but still extremely beneficial to upgrade.
  4. Double Biomass collection rate. This skill allows you to, for a period of time, double the amount of biomass income that you get per second. This skill seems great to always have on, but since the price always goes up to ridiculous amounts quickly, only using it when you have a great amount of income/second is wise. Basically, do not use it if you have anything below 10k in resource income/second. This way, you always get the maximum possible income for your balance that you put into the skill. Also, it cannot be upgraded to, say, 3-4 hours. It will always only be 2 hours, meaning there is no way to increase the usability except through upgrading your turrets first.

This concludes my tips and tricks for Turret Fusion. I hope you enjoyed, and happy hunting!

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