How to View ASPX File on Android

If you are using a Windows phone, then you can open the ASPX file using the Microsoft Edge Browser, but if you have an Android phone and want to open an ASPX file then you must convert it into a PDF format first.

If you want to open the ASPX file on your Android device then follow the steps given below:

Convert ASPX to PDF Online

Step 1: Open the web browser on your Android phone.

Step 2: Go to the website which allows you to convert the ASPX file into a PDF format.

Step 3: Now upload the ASPX file from your desktop in order to convert it into a PDF format.

Step 4: Once it is converted, then open the converted PDF file on your Android device.

How to Open ASPX File on iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, there are various ways to view ASPX files.

One way is to convert your ASPX file into a PDF on a PC or Mac and then open the file in iBooks on your device. You can use iBooks or any other PDF viewer that supports iOS.

What is an ASPX file?

ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended file format, and is one of the many file extensions used by the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. This framework allows pages to be dynamically generated, which means they change as time passes or in response to user input.

What are ASPX files used for?

ASPX files are often used to host dynamic websites. These are sites where the content can change depending on who’s viewing them or the time at which they’re being viewed. For example, a weather website might use an ASPX file to deliver the current weather based on location. The same page can have different content for different users, depending on their location.

Another common use case for ASPX files is when developers need server-side code compiled into a DLL (dynamic link library). If a website has multiple developers working on it at once, then this makes it easier to identify who wrote what and when.


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