War of Crown Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategy

War of crown is a tactical RPG turn based adventure game, placing you in the shoes/sandals of Eshirite and Lyilis, two heroes that are on a quest to save their home-world. As you go about your duties, you have the chance to gather companions, rank up equipment, and finish quests, all in the hopes to save your world. As with most games, though, there are easier ways to progress through the game, and much easier ways to secure victories in battles. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you stay ahead of your other players, as well as help you conserve your resources to get the maximum output from them.

War of Crown Strategy Guide

Let’s start with out of battle components. Out of battle components are your preparation for your upcoming battles, which include gaining allies, enchanting equipment, leveling up your heroes, and equipping them with equipment. But, not all equipment is made equal, and not on heroes are the same strength. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t waste your time or resources.

  1. Summon as many heroes as possible. Constantly summoning heroes will make sure you get a good amount of possible combinations of heroes. This makes sure you won’t get too stuck in one area, meaning you are not putting yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to creating parties for different instances. Also, having multiple heroes allows you to quickly level up new heroes by sacrificing them to another hero. This allows you to upgrade new heroes that you have received through summoning and bring them to the forefront of the battle.
  2. Only upgrade 2+ star equipment. Don’t focus on upgrading your lower tier equipment. 1 star equipment is a dime a dozen, but it is all you get for the beginning stages. Many people make the mistake of constantly wanting to enhance the equipment to make it better, but truth be told, you’ll end up finding better equipment within a few days. Wasting that time and money enhancing the lowest equipment means you’re investing your resources into equipment that you’ll end up just using to enhance higher level stuff later on. So, conserve your resources, and wait for higher tier gear.
  3. Only focus on 4 star+ heroes for major leveling. To star up a hero, they must reach maximum level cap before you can upgrade. But, putting in resources to upgrade them is a pain, and sometimes not worth it. Some heroes will come as 4 stars already, while most of your average heroes that you get from summoning chests. Focusing on leveling your 4 stars will ensure that you’re already on the fast track to 5 and 6 star heroes, without having to rank up your lower-class heroes.
  4. Upgrade passive skills when able to. Each hero comes with 3 active skills that they can use in combat, and one passive skill that is always being used. Focusing on upgrading the passive skills ensures that your heroes are utilizing the most out of the skills as they can. For instance, active skills can usually only be used once per turn, and have a lengthy turn cool-down until they can be used again. On the flip-side, passive skills generally are a small boost to your stats, meaning they are always active. Having these passives upgraded to their full potential ensures that you will always be ready to continue a fight at the optimal height of strength, whether attacking or being attacked.

Now that we’ve gone over the complete out of combat and leveling side of the game, let’s talk about the action. Fighting is very standard, but has its own section. Let’s start with the preparation of your fighting squad. I put this as its own section, since there aren’t that many points. The primary tip is to stagger your elements. This concerns, mostly, the elemental affinity that each hero has. The one drawback to stacking a single element is that you are susceptible to getting crushed by lower-level mobs that are of the countering element. For instance, stacking the fire elemental heroes does give a slight boost to damage, but if you come up against a full flush of water elemental mobs, you will have a hard time winning unless you completely out-level and outclass them. Making sure you vary your heroes makes sure that you will always have an elemental advantage with at least one of your heroes against the mobs, making it easier for you to counter the enemy forces.

War of Crown Tips & Tricks

Finally, let’s talk about in battle movements. In battle is a tactical turn-based fight, with your heroes’ speed stats determining who hits first. Here, I will cover some basic tips and strategies that have been proven to be effective in combat.

  1. Have at least 2 ranged heroes. Ranged heroes will be your main damage dealers. Look towards archers and mages. These heroes generally come with massive damage skills, and can hit enemies from far away. Why I say to have 2 is so that you can split them across the battlefield. This ensures you can cover each side of the fight, meaning you can pincer enemies into one zone, giving you optimal damage routes, while the enemy must decide between the two, while also dealing with your melee tanks.
  2. Stick to the high ground. In this game, he who has the high ground gains a damage boost. You can go up to as high as 2 tiles up, meaning you can get positional advantages on 2 separate playing fields. Sticking a ranged attacker on a high point ensures they get a damage boost, as well as a defensive stat boost if they are attacked.
  3. Focus on single targets. In most games, attacking multiple enemies always seems like a good idea. You want to lay out as much damage as you can, so that you can defeat them quickly. But, keep in mind, if an enemy stays up, they have a chance to attack. Quickly dispatching an enemy one at a time is much better in terms of keeping your heroes alive, as dispatching one enemy reduces the chances that your enemy mobs have of attacking your heroes. Remember, even a half-dead orc is capable of swinging.

These are just a few tips and tricks for you to master, and to help you excel within the game. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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