Word Connect Walkthrough, Useful Tips, Hints for Level Answers

Learning to spot different words is the essence of any good speller. Given random letters in a small box, you are tasked with finding the allotted number of words with just those letters, as well as some that are not meant to be found, you will slowly gain more experience and word points, which you can use in tough situations. With your knowledge, find all of the words in this scrabble like game, and make sure you find them all to collect the rewards.

Word Connect is just like scrabble. You only play against yourself, and test your limits to the utmost ceiling of the game. Starting with small amounts of letters, you slowly make your way to either 4 or 5 letters, and finding the answers within to earn yourself points and reach the top in a scrabble like game. But, there are some nice tips that would be nice to know as you progress throughout the game, so here they are. A few things that you may or may not have known, but definitely are not known as soon as you start.

Word Connect Beginner’s Guide

To start, let’s talk about the game mechanics in general. To create a word, you need to click and drag to combine letters in a certain combination to be able to see if the word is the proper one for that level. The letters will be fully scrambled, so it sometimes is difficult to see what the words are. Because of this, always remember to Look for Obvious words. Looking for obvious words can seem a bit simple, but during the game, you are sometimes always looking for a specific type of word, or words that would seem fit for a game, such as crazy intensive words. Because of this, you will sometimes overlook simple words that you use in everyday talk. The words are also not nouns or adjectives, such as Sword or Kite. The game creates a wide variety of words, and can do everything from advanced 5 letter words to simple 3 letter words. For instance, I have played a set of letters that allowed for both the words Dance and And. There are also points where Is and At are words, so you must think unconventionally. The game will use extremely simple words, as well as abstract words on a routine basis, so do not get sucked into the pit of only hard words.

If you don’t see any obvious words, another way to find combinations is Random Matching. If you cannot figure out any words to make from the letters, or you feel like you’ve found them all, you can just randomly trace letters together over and over again. Since you don’t have a penalty for incorrect answers, randomly combining letters will help in possible chances of finding a combination, but it will also jog your memory and let you see combinations in a different light. You can also Scramble letters to see them in a different point of view.

As you go through the never-ending levels of Word Connect, you will have the option of finding secret words that give you bonus to use later on. These Secret Words follow the same concept as regular words, but don’t fill out the list. Instead, they are random words that count towards your secret stash. When you fill up the stash to a set amount, it will be able to be collected, and give you a great amount of coins to use later on down the road. Since they cannot be tracked, you will not know how many secret words are available for each level, so it’s best to just try to find different words out. For instance, if all your four letter words are done, try out different for letter words often. Since you already know that all the four letter words are done being on the list, you know any other four letter word that is made automatically becomes a secret word. In essence, cheat the system.

How to Get Free Coins?

As you play, and as we have talked already, you gain coins as you complete levels and clear words. These coins are mainly used for your own benefit to give you extra letters, and hints throughout the game. The hints will basically give you a letter of the beginning of a word, so that you have a base to start off of when you are stuck on a word. For instance, if you have 5 letters, but can’t figure out the 5 letter word, using coins will allow you to see the 1st letter of the 5 letter word, letting you start off a bit easy. But be warned, these coins are not easy to get, and take time to accumulate. Use them sparingly.

Lastly is the daily challenge. The daily challenge comes from each day, where you are able to complete a set of 5 different sets of letters and look to gain a number of points. Each word is given a number value, and showing that word gives you those points. Complete all the words to get a large amount of coins to use, as well as a bit more experience at creating words from letters.

This game is very straightforward, and yet has many interesting factors to take into account. Take your time, play at your own pace, and learn new words! Good luck, and happy connecting in Word Connect!

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