World Conqueror 3 Tips, Cheats, Strategy Guide

In war, you must be fast, quick, and flexible. Being able to constantly be aware of what goes on around the battlefield, as well as quick to find the weak points of your enemies. Never letting a single detail go unseen, and not letting a single advantage escape your grasp. In World Conqueror 3, you must go through a series of campaigns and missions to ensure that you level up your HQ, and finish off your opponents in a swift fashion.

World Conqueror 3 Strategy Guide

There are multiple different areas of this game. There is the world conquest section, the campaign portion, and the outside of the game levelling portion. We will start with the outside of the fighting game, or levelling portion first.

To level up, you must complete missions, or campaign fights. Whether you win or not does not really matter, although you gain more experience as you win more fights. As you gain levels and your HQ starts gaining more strength, you may hire or appoint more commanders who will be beneficial to you down the road. For this specific reason, gaining more commanders gives you two benefits: More benefits in real fights, and completing background missions. The reason why you want more commanders under your belt are for the background missions. These missions require certain commanders to be put into a field, and they will attempt to complete a mission to gain you resources and experience. Although there is a chance of them failing, allowing them to constantly be on a mission affords you extra experience, even if you aren’t playing. This ensures that you will constantly be closer to gaining more commanders, which in turn allows you to run more missions simultaneously. A seemingly vicious cycle, but extremely effective. They also gain you basic income, or medals, which will allow you to appoint the commanders to your ranks. Higher powered commanders require more medals to appoint, so make sure to save up for the proper commanders for your army.

The Benefits in real fights is the benefits that you gain when playing within the campaigns or within the world conqueror portion of the game. Each commander gives you slight buffs to your troops, depending on which commander you bring into the fight, and which area of expertise you wish to use the most. For instance, if you plan to use more foot soldiers, use commanders that give you benefit to ground troops such as standing or mobile forces. Some commanders also give a boost to your resource income during battles. Although this is also an extremely small amount, it’s better to focus on gaining extra damage buffs to your troops.

World Conqueror 3 Tips and Tricks

Now that we have that out of the way, lets cover the in-game combat portion. Throughout this game, you will be tasked with completing a series of battles, some historical in fashion. Within these battles, you must be able to keep up with multiple different combat situations, resource nodes, and advantages that you must take advantage of if you wish to completely wipe out your opponent. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you will come out ahead in your battles.

  1. Capture all resource nodes whenever possible. Resource nodes come in many forms. From oil fields to cities, to everything in between, capturing and holding these resource nodes give you multiple advantages. For instance, capturing and holding an oil field node allows your mobile troops such as tanks and trucks to continue running. Cities allow you to produce extra troops for battles, which can give you the upper hand if it’s down to the wire.
  2. Utilize the flanking system often. In war, there is no such thing as a fair 1 on 1. When fighting, if you are able to get two of your troops to circle an enemy, you will gain a flanking bonus, which increases damage dealt and reduces damage received from attacking. Slowly chopping down each opponent may seem like a smart choice, but it’s much better to demolish each troop at a time, instead of trying to deal out damage evenly to all troops. Remember, a half dead troop can still deal damage.
  3. Take it slow. This game rewards slow, methodical play. Planning out each move, making sure you have the best advantages, leading your enemies into certain death, these are all points that will allow you to completely outclass your opponent. Now, although there is a turn limit to gain the best stars, you are able to repeat stages, so don’t worry about that. Taking your time to completely wipe out the enemy will ensure that you gain the experience necessary to take on your opponent later on as well.
  4. Don’t take foot soldiers up against tanks, mobiles, etc. Even in this game, classes of troops matter. Each type works well in different situations, and each troop has their own specific advantages and disadvantages. For instance, tanks and major mobiles tend to have slow movements, whereas foot soldiers and combination troops will be able to move about quickly. On the other hand, foot soldiers tend to have lower fire power, whereas tanks and artillery can pack a punch. For this reason, using foot soldiers to take towns and cities is generally more advised, and leave the major frontline battles to tanks and artilleries. This way, you preserve your troops without taking too many bullets.
  5. Play around your allies. During some missions, you will have allies assist you and help you along the way. Make sure to pay attention to how they play and position your troops, as you can pull off flanks and pincer opponents easily. For instance, if your opponent is starting to battle from the northwest portion of the map, picking off stragglers on the southeast is an easy way to ensure that your allies will not have to deal with other forces to back them up. Always attempt to play with your allies, as 2 versus 1 is always easier.

As you progress through the game, you will slowly learn more and more about how far you can pressure the limits. And soon, you’ll be able to tailor your play to your own specific style. There is no one way to win a war, but the general end goal is the same. Make sure to continue to power up, and sharpen your weapons. Good luck, and as always, happy hunting!

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