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In a world where safety is mostly assured, there is one mad genius that wishes for recognition. That person is you, a mad scientist that has only ever been laughed at and ridiculed. Tired of the hate against you, as well as laughter from your colleagues, you have devised a plot to get back at everyone. You’ve learned the secret formula, and have spent many years figuring out every single kink that could possibly hinder your quest for world domination. You even figured out a way to make them evolve. Then, finally, the chance arose. On top of an old building, you hatched your plan to fully utilize your machine, the Zombie-Integrator! Welcome to world zombies, where you make the rules!

World Zombie Contest is a simple game. Much like the other combination games, you have a machine that helps you produce a certain lower-tier zombie, or the lowest possible tier. With this, you must learn how to completely dominate by combining and merging these zombies to create stronger ones. This must continue to stronger heights, and ensure that you will always have proper amounts to attack enemies with. There are plenty of different things that can help you progress faster than one might imagine, so here are the top styles to progress quickly.

Progressing the Zombies

To start, the main thing to talk about is the machine that you use to produce the zombies. It is a simple thing, as many games have something of this mechanic. The machine starts out producing a maximum of three bottom tier zombies. Once those three are in the machine, it cannot hold anymore. As such, you must activate the machine by pressing it to release the zombies, and allow it to continue to produce more.

These zombies have a special kind of power, though. Each of them is able to combine into a slightly more powerful zombie than before, or level up, if you will. Merging them allows the zombies to gain more health, defenses, as well as more damage in a fight. Their appearance also changes, but that is only an aesthetic.

The biggest problem that comes about is you start out with limited space for zombies. As such, constantly upgrading is the best option for you. Not only does this free up space in your area, but it also means that zombies will constantly get stronger and more powerful. You can then use these to fight and raid villages and people that made fun of you in the past.

As you upgrade zombies, some may gain different unique skills. As such, make sure to optimize these zombies to gain the most out of each unique skill. Evaluate these skills, and make sure that they are actually useful, instead of just another skill out there.

Fighting against zones

With fights, you can throw out zombies that you have collected already. This is done in an almost pinball style. Although you can’t fully control where they go, you can still fire them. This can be rectified later on.

As fights go, when the zombies are sent out into the battle zone, they will then attack the closest enemy to them. They have limited attacks that they can perform on an enemy, but don’t take damage. But, after they have used all their attacks, they will cease to exist in that round afterwards. As such, use them to your own strengths.

There is no limit to how many you can have on the field. Also, they do not ever actually die, as they come back for the next round of attacks. with that said, expend them as quickly as possible to completely wipe out the enemies quickly.

The more zones you clear, the more money and candy you can get for upgrading areas. With this in mind, always press forward and kill all the enemies available.

Upgrading Zombies

There are also areas wehre you can upgrade zombies specifically. You can upgrade each tier of zombies, so always use that money to your advantage.

Although it may seem good to just upgrade them all, each zombie gains different amounts based on their tier. For instance, the lowest tier of zombie will only gain around 1 to 2 attack each upgrade. But, the tier 4 zombie will upgrade close to 40-50 attack per upgrade. As such, only upgrade zombies where you will use them a lot, instead of the lower level guys.

Upgrading Machine

Lastly, you can upgrade the machine to produce at a more efficient rate. This depends on what you deem as necessary, but you can upgrade the auto production, the size of your stuff, and so much more. But, there are some that give more benefits than others.

The order you should be upgrading things is: Area, Auto-merge, Auto-create, and then everything else. The area upgrade ensures that you can have multiple zombies out at a time. You only start with 5, which really limits the amount of ozmbies you can even merge at all. As such, focus on upgrading your area so that you can hold more zombies.

After that, focus on upgrading the auto-merge and auto-creation function. This will help you even when you don’t play, as they will auto-play the game for you. So, even if you sleep, you know that your zombie creation tool will not be sleeping at all. You can probably come back to all upgraded zombies if you stay back and have your machine upgraded properly.

All of the other items are just available for easy usage and if you don’t have anything else to upgrade. This will ensure that the primary areas are covered, while the smaller zones aren’t a problem. This does not mean that you shouldn’t upgrade those parts of the machine, however. You should look to keep them around even, so if you upgrade your zone to lvl 5, upgrade your lower tier areas to lvl 2 or so. Consistency is key, so don’t try to skimp out on the upgrading.

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