The X-Files Deep State Guide, Game Tips, Walkthrough

You are an up and coming rookie in the police divisions. You are tasked with taking on the not so fun cases that tend to pop up every so often. It’s unappealing work, but you are aiming for greater heights than just the menial tasks handed out at the station. So when you get a chance to prove yourself as a detective, you take it with great urgency. You just weren’t expecting it to be a case in regards to some high ranking members in the law field. As your first case starts to unravel into a more intriguing scene, you start to find problems with cases linking back to your first one. Welcome to the x-files, where everything is not always as it seems.

X-files is a very simple game. Much like where’s waldo, you must attempt to find clues and objects that can help you as a police detective and law enforcement officer. These clues help you to figure out what is the problem with the cases, and what the next objective will be. With different mini-games along the way, it is a fun and simple game that can give hours of play. Although it may seem super simple, there are some things to keep in mind, as there are rpg elements to it as well. Here are some tips and guides to finishing the game in style.

Finding the clues within the initial scenes

This is a very simple mini-game. In this one, you are tasked with finding different objects within the crime scene to help you figure out what went wrong. The game gives you five to six objects that are generally listed at the bottom of your screen. They are simple, such as a clock, body, or other such common items. But, if you can’t find them, they also allow you to gain hints. These hints will show you where the objects are on the map, but there are only a few for each map.

Now, the difficult part is that you are put on a time limit. You earn points and money based on how quickly you finish up the quest, and how quickly you find the objects. Each second that you do not find the objects means a few more points docked on the board. This also goes with how many hints you use in each scenario. You get more points docked each time you use these hints, so it is in your interest to not use them, and to try to find the items on your own.

The best way around these issues is to first look at the bottom of your screen, and to memorize each of the items you need to find. Once you do that, you can look around the scene and just click on anything that looks useful to you. You are not deducted on how many times you click on the screen, just on how long you take.

Also, remember to always chain together your finds. The more you chain them together in quick succession, the more points you earn throughout the game. For instance, if you know that you need to find the body, the clock, and the battery, you can chain them all together to earn a string of points, instead of finding them individually. Again, it doesn’t matter how you find them, just as long as you do it all at the same time. At points, it might even be better to find them all first, lose a bit of time at the beginning, and then click them all in quick succession.

Piecing things together

Another mini-game that is played is piecing together evidence. There will be points where documents or papers are ripped apart and torn. As such, it will be your job to put them back together and decide what happens with them. You must do this just as the last one, in quick succession. The faster you put them together, the more points you earn and such.

The best way to do this one is to constantly look at the corners. Just as with a jig-saw puzzle, different edges match. Look at each one, and figure out the patterns, then put it together. This way, you’ll always have the extra benefits of time and multipliers, boosting your score and money earned.

Talking with others

Aside from mini-games and scenarios, you will also have the opportunity to talk with different people. This includes your partners, as well as some potential witnesses and culprits. As you go through this, you will have the opportunity to answer one of two choices, and the like. Depending on your answer, it’ll either improve your relations, or it’ll push them away from you. This can be the difference between ranking up, or getting demoted in the field, resulting in either an increase in pay, or a decrease.

Always choose the options that will buff your score. Such as, understanding what is going on, as well as showing that you know the answer. Making sure that you sound smart in the game ensures that you will always look good to your partners, and that you are capable of the new job.

Always make long wait periods overnight

In the game, there will be points where you need to wait a certain period of time before you can move on. These times are things such as sending reports to the labs, and asking for evidence from an area. As you level up, these will get larger and larger in terms of time span.

The best way to make use of these interruptions that can’t be skipped is to time them when you go to sleep, or when you are too busy to play. For instance, always start them as you are about to head to sleep, or on a trip where you cannot have access to the game. This way, the timer runes when you are not online, and while you are doing other things. Making use of dead time in this way is the most efficient pattern of dealing with the problem.

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