Zen Koi 2 Strategy Guide, Patterns, Tips and Tricks

You wake up in a calm state. Surrounded by an eerie solution, you awake to find out you have become a koi within a pond. Born from a couple, you are only in a small quadrant of the pond, and feel like it could be a bit larger. You are told by the higher gods that, to expand your pond, you must eat creatures and other animals to progress through the pond and be able to expand your world. You get on your mission, and look towards the future of becoming the most amazing koi fish in the pond, and leave a legacy in your wake. Welcome to Zen Koi 2.

Zen Koi 2 is a very simple game. You start out as a simple koi born into a pond, and must grow and survive as you make your way through the world. Starting out as a very slow koi, you must steadily eat and gain levels to upgrade and increase your skills and fish abilities. Along the way, you are able to collect certain animals to help unlock more of the pond and to find greater prey to survive. Although it is extremely easy to play at the start, there are some ways that can help you get better at the game, so you don’t spend too much time as a big fish in a small pond.

Zen Koi 2 Tips for Starters

To start, let’s talk about the gameplay and what has to be done to get you started. At the beginning, you control your fish by rotating around the map and clicking on points you want to travel to. Although it seems like pressing a lot on it, there is another simple trick. If you see a creature or animal that you want to eat, you can simply press once on the creature, and your koi will track them throughout the pond until they catch the prey. Now, the only problem with this is that the tracking can get a bit spotty depending on how well your koi can turn and spin around, as this may end up with your koi just spinning in circles. As such, just be a bit careful when doing so.

Next, let’s talk about the different animals and creatures you can find throughout the pond. In the first area of the pond, creatures are limited. There is a green amoeba, and a few small sardine-like creatures to find also. All of these are necessary to gain more levels and growth. As you increase in levels by eating different creatures, your fish’s size also increases, allowing you to speed up and gain ground on your prey. Taking this into account as you play will make sure you aren’t upgrading the improper things.

Upgrade & Strategy Guide

One big thing to take note of is the fact that your size determines your speed and turning rate. As you grow larger, you will turn slower, and such. Take this into account as you upgrade your koi.

You have three different areas that you can upgrade: Agility, Speed, and Rarity. Agility determines how easily you can rotate and spin. Speed determines how fast you move in a straightforward fashion, and Rarity determines how rare your koi will be when delivering offspring.

The one you want to focus on is Agility. The more you upgrade Agility, the faster your koi can spin in place, allowing for tighter maneuvers, and faster catches on prey. Next would be Speed, and then Rarity. The reason is Rarity only allows for a little variation in offspring, as the other fish is also taken into account.

Lastly, always try to complete the missions. Missions are given to you where you have to collect certain fish and creatures to give to the deity that resides over the pond. As you do so, you will be granted with upgrades and expanded pond lands, allowing for more free roaming. To do so, always check the tabs, and make sure you are keeping track of what you need, and how much of the creatures you need. Once you collect each and every one of the creatures, you just need to return the creatures to the special zone, and you will be upgraded. These upgrades go in many forms, from opening up new areas, to giving you increased abilities.

Although it may seem like you have no enemies in the pond, that is a misunderstanding. Although creatures will generally not attack you, there are plants and different bacteria that will harm you and slow you down. You can actually lose a bit of experience if running into these plants happens on a daily occurrence. As such, make sure you watch out for spiny red plants that seem to be a giant bush. They will slow down your travel, and cause you to be immobile for a bit.

Lastly, we will talk about leaving offspring. Offspring will allow you to dominate the pond even more, but will also give you achievements depending on what kind of offspring come about. As you leave offspring, they will help to collect different perks and fill out your pond, allowing you free roam even more of your area. The more rare births you can get, the better the drops and spawns of different enemies and helpers. Fill out your pond, and you will be rewarded with good stuff. They will also help you gain items that you would not normally be able to collect just by scouting around the pond, which are sometimes essential to levelling up and finishing quests around the map.

Zen Koi 2 is not a difficult game by any means. A simple farming and grinding game, it combines simple elements of roaming, farming, and discovery to create a unique experience for any player. As a fish, you must learn how to hunt properly and gather the proper prey to progress throughout the game. You must create offspring to give yourself much more utility to catch the prey, and upgrade in the proper direction. Good luck, and happy swimming!

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