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Empire Warriors TD Wiki Guide, Tips and Tricks

Empire Warriors TD Wiki Guide, Tips and Tricks

You knew this day would come. You never knew when, exactly, but you knew this day would come. The day when you would need to become the strongest defender of them all. You are the leader of an intrepid band of warriors and gods, as […]

Crashy Cats Tips and Tricks to a High Score

Crashy Cats Tips and Tricks to a High Score

You knew this day would come. You knew that, one day, you would have your revenge. There has been so much in the house that you want to get through, and tip over, just to watch the face of your humans go white in horror […]

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

You wake up. You don’t know what happened. You’re alone, naked, and scared of what is around you.  You have no memory of past events, and only understand that you must survive. You look around you, and see almost nothing, but you hear voices. Sad voices, lonely voices, but dangerous nonetheless. You brace yourself, and look to start surviving on your own. Welcome to Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival, where you must fight to survive against past friends or foes.

Grim Soul:  Survival (Android/iOS) is a simple MMORPG. You set at the bare bones minimum with almost nothing in your pockets. Struggling, you have to be able to craft and create defenses, as well as weapons, to keep yourself alive for as long as possible. This must be done by either looting, farming, or producing items such as crops, weapons, and vehicles.

Grim Soul Survival Guide

Although this seems quite easy, there are a number of different things that you need to keep track of. Thankfully, there are also some shortcuts, as well as cheats that you can use to ensure that you get ahead of the competition.

A. Fighting and Looting Tips

The meat and potatoes of this all, the combat is quite interesting. Like in stealth games, you have a sound meter. This meter will tell you whether or not you are being noticed by enemies. If you are simply running upright, wandering souls or other players will know where you are. Also, animals and other creatures will run if you are trying to hunt them.

You can also crouch. Crouching significantly reduces your sound as you move around, making it easier to walk by souls, or when sneaking up on an unsuspecting deer. As such, when hunting, always try to crouch down, so that you don’t alert any possible other enemies in the vicinity.

When attacking, there is no type of defense. As such, it is mostly down to how quickly you can button mash. Because of this, the damage you deal will largely be based on what weapon or tool you are carrying at that current moment. Many people will attempt to run around with a pickaxe or axe in their hand, as they are wanting to farm. But, that can be a huge detriment when you attempt to fight other people.

Instead, have your pickaxe and axe in your inventory. Even though this takes up two spaces, it will ensure that you have a proper weapon to fight with if enemies approach. You will also have the chance to swap out between weapons later on, in which you will want a melee weapon, as well as a ranged weapon. Ranged weapons tend to deal a bit less damage, but allow you to get in early shots from far away, allowing you to chip away at their health early.

Lastly, only pick up what you need at that time. Determine what you want to loot, and how you are going to loot. For instance, if you are going to an abandoned dungeon, try to only pick up things like what you would find in an abandoned dungeon, and not random leaves, sticks, and rocks that you can find anywhere else. This will help to free up your inventory space, and not make you seem silly for wanting to get everything in one go.

To help with this, as well, try to make a backpack as soon as possible. Constantly upgrading the rucksack, as it is called, will free up one row of inventory space each time you go up a tier. This can be used to store things like food, water, and medicines along the way.

B. Building and Defending Strategies

Next, we move on the building and defensive part of the process. As you know, you are able to build your base and set up a perimeter to try and protect yourself, as well as your loot. But, there are some things you should note before you start that should grab your attention.

To begin with, try to minimize the amount of space you take up. Although it may be tempting to just go all out with crafting, it actually makes it harder to defend unless you are super far into the game.

This is because you can only craft so much at the start. Building walls and upgrading floors costs materials, some of which you can only create after building up your base for a while. As such, only a 3 by 3 square is necessary.

Do not fill in the middle square of the 3 by 3, though. Instead, just wall off the surrounding floor spaces, so that enemies can’t get in too easily. In the center, you want to upgrade and learn how to craft a plot of land. The reason you want to place this plot of field is to help grow crops, which can be used to grow things like carrots from seeds, and other such foods. But, the reason you want it in the center, is because you don’t want it to be looted. If it is outside of your walls, it can be picked up by enemies, and you lose out on a long time of farming. Since it has to be placed on the ground, though, this is the best way to do it.

In terms of what to learn and start to open up, try to only open the necessary things as they come. Things like a raven or other such items may not be necessary right away. So, focus on crafting items and weapons, as well as storage and resource depots. This will help you to be able to hold on to all of your resources and items that you collect. You can also craft multiple storage boxes. This will help you immensely, as it can be used for sorting and itemizing the loot that you have every so often. You can also leave empty ones everywhere as diversions for when enemies do try to get in

Girls’ Frontline Guide : Game Tips and Strategies

Girls’ Frontline Guide : Game Tips and Strategies

No one knew when it would occur. People had been arming themselves for months, even years now. Ever since androids were able to be given a strong AI and start thinking for themselves to an extent, warfare and battles became almost impossible to fight with […]

Jurassic World™ Alive Guide: Tips & Tricks to Getting Better Dinosaurs

Jurassic World™ Alive Guide: Tips & Tricks to Getting Better Dinosaurs

No one knows how or when they decided to come back to earth. No one understands what they mean to do. All you know is that, one day, you looked outside, and all you saw were dinosaurs. Large, hulking masses of meat, muscle, and strategically […]

Dragon Ball Legends Guide: Tips & Strategies to Strongest Fighters

Dragon Ball Legends Guide: Tips & Strategies to Strongest Fighters

The world has been thrown into chaos. You have been battling the forces of evil for a long time, and you have learned that you must get even stronger, since there are some evil forces that you need to battle. Along with some super Saiyan friends, it is up to you to get a ragtag band to be able to defend and defeat your enemies. Welcome to Dragon Ball Legends, where you determine the battle.

Dragon Ball Legends (Android/iOS) is a simple fighter game. In it, you control a set number of fighters, all of whom are in the learning curve of their life, and must continue to grow stronger against the strongest enemies that are available. To do this, they must practice, combat enemies, and train with weights or other such entities to become the strongest fighters.

Although it is possible just to fight and level that way, there are some tips and tricks to getting a stronger team at a much faster pace. Simple things like leveling at the right time, or finding the right fights to increase your gains will streamline your battle fighters. As such, lets go over a few tips and tricks to getting the best that you can get.

Dragon Ball Legends Guide

Starting out through the tutorial, you will be given a few warriors to fight with. These are quite basic, and do not have many outstanding qualities. They can give you the basics on how to fight, as well as how to gear up your character.

Do not put much stock into these characters. They are pretty common, and the only good that they will do is if you are able to constantly star them up by finding their duplicates and using them as fodder. Instead, only keep those that are purple rarity and up.

Game Tips & Strategies

Before we get into how you can gear out your warriors, it is important to know and understand how to fight. To start, you will have one primary fighter. You will be able to control and move this fighter around, and make him get in close, or stay far away, depending on the playstyle. You also have different cards that give special attacks, as well as a few trinkets that you can use to swap out for your allies.

Fighting is relatively simple. Starting out, you can do simple attacks by simply tapping on the screen. If you are up close, you will do a flurry combo of kicks and punches. When afar, you will attempt to throw an energy blast. Both do minimal damage, but help to disrupt combos.

The cards you have can deal out massive combos if they land. Fist ones will do a melee combo, while a green one will do a ki blast combo. These can all be linked together to form a massive chain of attacks, and for large damaging factors. There are also other support cards that give you a boost to your damage, or a boost to defenses. Each warrior has a different one, so look at them carefully.

In combat, though, it is best to look to link combos. If the enemy has high defenses, try to whittle them down by chipping at their health, then go for a large burst. You can do this by vanishing step, which is done by dodging an attack of theirs as they throw it.

Also, always attempt to do a rising strike on the enemy. A rising strike comes after you successfully attack and damage the enemy team. During this time, you must do a rock/paper/scissors like battle, and if you win, you get large damage. Use this on the boss at the end.

Lastly, during battles, take not of type disadvantages and advantages. A green arrow represents that they are stronger, and a red arrow means the enemy is stronger than you. Use this to keep track of who you want to fight, as well as who you want to save.

Outside of combat, there are large thigns that need to be taken care of. Your team is comprised of 3-6 characters, depending on how far along you are. As such, have one primary team that you use at all times. Aside from that, you can gain experience and money through side quests. These side quests require at least one warrior sent on the mission. As such, send those stock characters that we had talked about before on these missions.

Make sure to thoroughly level up your champions. If they are of a high rarity, such as an EXTREME(Purple) character, save them. They should be your main fighter, as their stats increase the fastest. Try to always have one primary attacker, one support, as well as one all-around filler.

During the summoning process, make sure to save up your extra money. These summons are your way of making sure that your warriors can break through their limits, and gain incredible powers. Instead of going for a solo summon, though, try to save up to summon 10 a time. This gives you a much higher chance of finding and harnessing an extreme warrior.

Lastly, make sure to equip your characters with different weapons and armors. This will help to boost their stats, as well as increase their damage output, and other various attributes.

When making different teams and groups, you can have around 5-6 teams ready for battle. Make sure to vary them up, for any type of situation. This comes in handy when going into PVP matches, where you may have to have a very all around team composition to battle against those that have very staggered pools.

Overall, the game is pretty standard. You have different characters, with different attributes. But, it is important to note that you do not want to just level up the ones known as heroes, as they are not going to benefit as much from the leveling process. Instead, look to only get the extremes, or shiny extremes, as they will benefit most. Focus on increasing their limit breaks, and gearing them out. Good luck, and happy battling!

Returners Guide: Wiki Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Returners Guide: Wiki Tips, Cheats & Strategies

No one knows how things came to be. Monsters roaming, enemies at every corner. You just know that this is always how it has been. You have always needed to find great bands of warriors, and figure out how to make them work together in […]

Tiny Rails Guide, Best Engine Setup, Tips & Secrets

Tiny Rails Guide, Best Engine Setup, Tips & Secrets

You have always dreamed of this moment. To be able to ride on the rails, to be able to speed your way through the floating cities and landscapes. You have longed to be able to see the mountains on one side, and the sea on […]

Score! Match Game Tips and Tricks

Score! Match Game Tips and Tricks

You are the last defending man on your team. Compared to other teams and captains, you rule them all. You feel like you could direct them from the upper fields, and their goals become your goals. Suddenly, you wake up after scoring a goal, in your bed, wondering what happened. You look around, and realize you are in a simple compound, one of the beginner’s quarters. You aren’t really a superstar, but you still have the aspirations of one. As such, you know it is your destiny to become the greatest soccer player out there. From shooting penalties, to being the greatest assistor, it will take everything you have to make it, and groom your teammates to being the best there possibly is. Welcome to Score! Match, where your skills mean everything.

Score! Match Game Tips

Score! Match is an action soccer game that puts you in the driver’s seat of whoever has the ball. Utilizing a freeze frame gameplay, you only have a split second to decide what happens on the field as you pass, dance, and tackle your way into the history books. You must upgrade, train, and clothe your icons, and make sure that they gain the necessary skills to take down their opponents. Although it might seem easy, there are a few tips and tricks that you can learn about that will help to clinch you the win. So, let’s go over them.

In game Work

To start, let’s talk about the in game mechanics. You have two primary roles: offense and defense. Offense has you constantly passing and kicking the ball, where defense has you tackling and tracking your opponent across the entire pitch. From there, it is a constant seesaw of power. You get to choose your players and where they kick to, but you do not have power over where they run to when they have the ball. As such, it puts you in quite the predicament.

At the start, you learn how to kick a ball. Simple enough, you draw a line to where you want it to go, and the ball will surely follow. Unlike normal, though, it will not travel the exact line you make, but instead will travel from the start of your line to the end. This way, you don’t end up with balls that do weird unrealistic S curves in the air while your players are left wondering where that tailwind came from.

There is a trick to getting the ball to your teammates faster though. The simplest trick is to follow their lead lines. When players are currently moving in the freeze frame area, they will have active dotted lines away from them that tell you where they will go next, and where their momentum is. If you kick it in that direction, you can lead them a bit further than usual, ending up with them getting ahead of their opponent, or defender.

When kicking for a goal, it is always best to take into considering where your opponent goalie is. The best way to kick is to always aim at the more open side, and at the pure corner, so that the ball travels a further distance. Also, try to kick it as fast as possible, as the faster you go, the less time the goalie has to react to it. Remember, always draw the kick line just below the actual goalpost, as it will go over if you go too far. With these in mind, you can control exactly how well you do.

On defense, it may seem cut and dry when you’re attempting to defend. Tackling can be done by any player, but it takes a great player to tackle strategically. The best time to tackle is when you know your defenders are in position to get a good pick. Each player will generally have a certain time frame after they get the ball from a pass, so you want to send your players in right at the time that the enemy team is attempting to control the ball. This way, they can’t dodge fast enough, and end up getting tripped up. You can do this strategy, or just go ham and tackle as often as possible. It is up to you.

Outside the Field

Outside of actual play, you can upgrade and customize your team with the best kind of gear. The first way you can do this is to open up different boxes you get from winning matches. Each one can give you extra gear, as well as extra cards. Gear doesn’t do too much, as it just makes each character distinct. The main thing this helps with is understanding who you are passing to, as each character has a different skill set. For instance, if you’re passing between two defenders, you may find that one has more power and accuracy, so you put him with a specific set of shoes that are yellow so you can spot him better when kicking.

The extra cards that are referred to are different characters that you can unlock. Just as you can change up the formation, you can also change up what players are on the field. You can also level up those characters if you choose to. The best thing to do for this is to constantly upgrade your strikers first, then defenders, the midfielders. The reason for this is to up your chances of scoring first, then your possibilities of defending against kicks, and then bolstering your general practices. It doesn’t matter which one to do, but it is just best to do it in that order of positions.

These are just a few tips and tricks to ensure that you get the most out of your games. Focus on these light tips and tricks and you will be rocking the field all day long. Pass forward, follow the guides, and accessorize to specialize your team, never missing another pass. Make sure to upgrade your strikers first, and ensure that you can score every time. Good luck, and happy hunting!